Monday, February 2, 2009

Can i have more holidays?


finally i'm back to work after the long holiday.. feeling very reluctant to wake up early this morning. but what to do? work is work. thats the fact.

anyway, the reason for the silence is simply because i was too busy! too busy with gatherings and spending more time with the boy and my family. 1 week off might sounds kinda longgg but actually it's not enough for me! sigh how come happy moment pass so fast?! perhaps someone should invent a time machine or something for us to turn back time? :p

to summarize, last week was really a blast for me. i met up friends, had a few drinks, blabbing here and there and of cause, collecting ang pau s tee hee.. (yea i know la, this year might be the last year for me to collect ang pau... how sad is that?) and i also had loads of cny cookies! this is the best-est part of cny!but then i have never been to clubbing this time, hmm is that a good thing or bad?

okay a short post today, gotto get back to work. i will upload some photos soon... happy working monday!

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