Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello newbie!

Just got this pretty babe last night, Sony T700 digi cam. With 10.1 MP, 3.5" LCD touch screen, 4GB internal memory and the smile shutter function. cool !! :D :D

never expect the boy will actually bought this, i thought i was just joking around.. but whatever it is, thank you darl... xoxo.

so what happened to the old Olympus camera? i m thinking of selling it at a cheaper price. but am wondering is there anyone interested to buy? it's only 6 MP and it has only basic functions. the boy asked me to keep it as it might be useful in the future. well, may be.

okay end of update. gotto get back to work! happy Tuesday!! ;)


  1. Not bad wert! With this new babe, I guess you can camwhore more and more.

  2. yan, yea its true!! :D
    but then i havent finish exploring the functions yet. hehe

  3. waa...can go gia gia kua kua jiak jiak and hip xiao eng liao.
    meow =^-^=

  4. meow~
    yaya, can go kia kia kua kua liao.. any ideas where to go?


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