Thursday, February 5, 2009

My 2009 CNY

This is the 4th day i'm at work after the long cny holiday. the mood for cny has also gradually faded. sigh~ like i said, happy times always flies.
to be honest, i have longer holiday this year compare to 2008. but apparently longer holiday doesnt means more photos :( i wonder why? perhaps we are getting older? haha.
as usual, we had gathering with all the pretty girls. initial headcount was about 13-14 but in the end there was only 8 of us. how sad...

the usual 'hot spot'

woke up early during chu yi, headed to grandma's house for ang pau s.... :D then watched Underworld with the boy. we have watched 4 movies over the week. thats a good sign at least we have a cinema already in Taiping. then we gathered at Can's house at night, for 3 bottles of liquor and the movie 'Shutter'. siao one, watch horror movie during cny -__-"

my first time wearing leggings. haha damn jakun i know.

ladies and gents, presenting the main character of the day....
jeng jeng jeng.........

hehe... such a cute meow... aww...

okay fast forward, we went to Auto City on chu san for the drooling Tao cuisine. it was so packed that day that we could only reserved outdoor seats. nonetheless we had so much fun and satisfaction.

my all time favourite, miso yaki

not forgetting scallops too (we ordered approximately 20 plates of this, imagine....)


with Angeline and HueyLee

this is definetely the best place for photo shooting

ice cream time!!!

taken with our tummy fully loaded *burppp* i remember the last plate we ordered was the baked mushroom sticks, which made everyone of us puked >.<
the following days were kinda quiet. not much activities except the boy and his gang who were very much indulged in liquor and beer.
anyhow, i joined the girls for yum char during chu liu night. it was nice to meet up EeSiew and AiBee.. our future doctor.
Valentines is coming. i am totally running outta ideas on what to give. perhaps i should tell him not to give me any presents so i dont have to give him either! fair enough right? ;))

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