Friday, February 20, 2009


Random #1: I guess i m getting worse in handling emo-ness and anger. i am still pissed off with the issue yesterday, as mentioned in the previous post. *sigh* perhaps its time to seek for profesional master/guru/sifu of handling stress and things like that.

Random #2: Anyway apart from all these unhappy things that happened lately, i am moving into my new house in no time!! :D :D :D ok la its a secondhand house we bought actually, but since we have not stay in there so consider NEW lor! its currently under renovation and we estimate to move in there officially by end of Feb. finally... our very own house! ;)

Random #3: Angeline started her own online boutique already! ( yea damn random) i am just doing her a favor by promoting the site. go visit la!

Random #4: I wonder how long does it takes for me to update about my Cameron trip and also to upload more photos to FB =___=" damn the internet line at home is super slow these few days and its the culprit behind! i promise i will do something about it cause i really cant wait to talk about the trip!

okay end of randomness. its a Friday and its time to parteyyyy!!!! =))


  1. congrats on yr new hommie... how nice to move in with your another half ;)

  2. thanks Cryst!! uhm but.. i m moving in with my parents wo..:)


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