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Bulgari Green With Envy

Tagged by Cryst on revealing the 3 things that can make me green with envy. This is in conjunction with the new release of the Bulgari Green With Envy and also its contest. so here goes:
I envy people who can dance be it hip hop, break dance, ballet, traditional dance, jazz, popping, locking, shuffle or whatever you call it. i will go 'whoa' with my big wet eyes everytime i watch people dance in real life or TV shows. seriously i dont have the natural talent of dancing and even though i learned hip hop before, i quit after 2 months @__@ to be honest, i love dancing. but i just cannot dance like those people. i clubbed but those were just very normal body moving and shaking by following the music. one day if i'm free enough and have alot of money, i swear i will take up some professional and advance dance lessons.
I envy people who has normal eyesight meaning, no spec or contact lens needed. sigh i mentioned before i had glasses on ever since secondary school time. until now, …

Soul Garden

First of all, with regards to the previous post, i wanna say thank you ladies.. i understand what is your concern. and yes we all must be extra careful these days.. the economy downtime will eventually leads to alot of crimes. of cause, apart from this reason, some people is just too free and has that imbalance mind and thinking. or a rather simpler word to describe - pian tai.
second of all, i have officially moved-in to new house! :D after tumpang-ing at my aunty's house for 2 months+, finally we have our own house already! whee~ we had thrown away alot of old stuff and given away some furnitures which are still in good condition. anyway we are still lack of some cabinets and furnitures and alot of unpacking still need to be done =___="" i think the following days will be fully occupied for us! *tired*

ok back to the topic.
Yet another session at Seoul Garden! everyone is addicted to it already. our soul will always be there wtf. this time its at Auto City. the last visit


Last Saturday, dad fetched me home from office after work. we then stopped by at the road side as he wanted to buy some nails from Giant hardware shop. i waited in the car. then i saw this motorist(a chinese man aged about 30, riding an old type of red motorbike) passed me and stopped in front Restoran Melayu Timur(the restaurant opposite the army camp). seems like he was waiting for somebody and i noticed him because i was wondering how come he did not find any shelter while waiting? cause it was a very sunny day that day. but anyway, i did not do anything and when dad hopped in, we headed back home to Golden Hill.
along the way, i saw him at our back again. then we turned in into Golden Hill and dad went off the car at our new house, and i changed from the passenger seat to the driver seat as i wanted to find Catherine at Kmpg Boyan to collect something. guess what? i saw him again. and when he realised i saw him, he quickly turned around and went down the road. at this point, i was …


weekend is here~
i'm getting excited because there will be something going on tomorrow! not the usual yum char session at prima or old town or 'tai or' anymore.. i m heading to Auto City!
okok, i know i overreacted. sorry =__=
we are going for another session of Seoul Garden. i think seoul garden can hire me as their ambassador already wtf. it's been a long boring week and its time to chill out. and that explains why i am so excited. hopefully i can blog about this trip soon and upload some photos. i know you havent seen my face yet for this whole march and you miss me. bleh~
on a very unrelated note, everyone is obsessed with FB's quizzes lately. everytime i login my news feed will be filled with friends who took this and that quiz -___-"" this explains many people are actually playing FB during working hours. yea yea i know i'm one of them :p and i think this is one smart invention that keeps us(office staffs) going...
okay, i better get things done now…


*click to read*

Was clearing some of the old messages in my FB inbox and came accross this one. sent by an anonymous a year ago. this sounds very sweet yet frightening to me. sweet simply because it sounds romantic.. not even the bf said this to me! frightening simply because its from a stranger :S is this some sorta prank or what? and i wonder why i did not delete it the moment i received? i believe most of you did received this kinda messages.. some total strangers will just send email/message saying you look gorgeous/familiar and he wanted to know you.. if i were to receive this when i was still a teenager i think i would be happy. but definetely not now.. its wednesday already. time seems to fly faster during the mid week. cant wait for Saturdayyy!! have a nice day!

Better in time

Its been 4 months since that incident.
alot of things happened back then.
i blogged about it. i expressed my deepest thought. i said people is freaking me out.
i remember we never contact one another. i mean of cause, we were in the middle of the heat. no one bother to concern about each other.
but 2 months ago, we met again. and that leads to another unpleasant gathering. no, we did not fight. it was the unpleasant feeling we had deep inside. i was terrified seeing the way he acted. its like he had turn into a total different person. whats worst, rumours has it that he is going to join some sorta 'bad' gangs. i was wondering, what causes him to make that move? is the incident leave him such a big impact?
but, time ticks and things change eventually. seems like everyone gets back to normal. i believe at this point now, no one minds about that incident anymore. well, at least you boys talk. lets see this as a new beginning!
the protagonist had now take a step further, he is getting m…

Tagging time

Was blog hopping and found this tag..

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.
(i dont quite agree on this one.. i am not a good problem solver most of the times.. yea i know that sucks.....)

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.
(anyway i have found the ONE :D)

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.
(i think this is the life cycle. we grow up, meet that special someone, build our family and have kids and grow old together h…

No more MSN at work

my fellow friends used to jealous at me because i get to MSN during working hours. but now, no more. tell me are you still jealous at me?!
so if you dont see me signed in, freak not! its not that i'm on MC or on AL, neither that i resign already (well, at least not at the moment.) you still can leave me message here, Friendster, FB, email ......
i'm quite not used to it now. but no choice la, instruction from boss. luckily IE still can be used. but dont tell anyone i'm blogging from office now ok?! shh.........


Something is freaking me out.
i am getting boring.
i keep blogging about mundane and random things recently.
and i always end the post by stopping abruptly.

anyway, weekend was over. and i must say i had a bad Saturday morning. sorry but i dont feel like elaborating it further. so i had some beer with the boy and friends at night, hoping that alcohol would help me wash away the sad moments :)
watched Watchmen last Sunday. it wasnt my idea anyway. i was wanting to watch Street Fighter but the boy insisted to watch Watchmen. so i, who always used to be the nice ones, gave in and watched with him. in the end, we regretted. it's a very complicated and longgg movie it took us 2 and a half hour =___= not very recommended unless you like fiction movie alot. but one thing to look forward to, TRANSFORMER II!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
on a very unrelated note, i heard alot of people are getting married this year. i myself have received 4 red bombs so far =___="&…


*boss is not in office today. sha lalala~*
After days of working, its finally FRIDAY!! friday is always my favourite day!

few days ago the boy and i were discussing when to have our own kids. well may be its abit too early for us to talk about babies since we have not go through the actual wedding ceremony yet. but i believe everything that is planned will eventually turns out better and within expectation (well, most of the times la..) I have to admit that we both heart kids alot. especially him. never thought he as a very gentleman-less guy would love kids so much huh? =)
Anyway i think dealing with kids is a very confusing process. you will love them to bits if they behave well. but you'll become very frustrated if the kid is hyperactive and naughty :S but whatever it is, kids are born such a way they deserved to be loved!
I remember one day when i was queueing to see doctor at this very super packed clinic, there was this little boy (aged about 5 who already can speak very fluent …

My wish list

1. I wish to work 2 days weekly and rest 5 days for the rest of the week.

2. I wish there will be no salary cut for item 1.

3. I wish to go to Paris one day.

4. I wish to drive a Toyota Celica one day (or best, OWN it!!)

5. I wish to lose weight down to 48kg (please..)

6. I wish all bad people to be prisoned for the rest of their life.

7. I wish to live until i'm 80.

8. I wish dad, mum and brothers to be fine and dandy all years.

9. I wish my friends and readers to be fine and dandy all years, too.

10. I wish for a better and more quality time with my darl.

last but not least, I WISH ALL MY WISHES ABOVE COME TRUE!!!! :D :D :D
ps: only 10 wishes, not very greedy wert...
pps: anything to add in the list?