Monday, March 16, 2009

Better in time

Its been 4 months since that incident.
alot of things happened back then.
i blogged about it. i expressed my deepest thought. i said people is freaking me out.
i remember we never contact one another. i mean of cause, we were in the middle of the heat. no one bother to concern about each other.
but 2 months ago, we met again. and that leads to another unpleasant gathering. no, we did not fight. it was the unpleasant feeling we had deep inside. i was terrified seeing the way he acted. its like he had turn into a total different person. whats worst, rumours has it that he is going to join some sorta 'bad' gangs. i was wondering, what causes him to make that move? is the incident leave him such a big impact?
but, time ticks and things change eventually. seems like everyone gets back to normal. i believe at this point now, no one minds about that incident anymore. well, at least you boys talk. lets see this as a new beginning!
the protagonist had now take a step further, he is getting married. i still feel happy for him no matter i will be invited or not. and another supporting protagonist is also getting married in no time ( i think he reads my blog :p) no matter what, congrats to the two of you! =)

(p/s: shit! another photo-less post in March. how?)

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