Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bulgari Green With Envy

Tagged by Cryst on revealing the 3 things that can make me green with envy. This is in conjunction with the new release of the Bulgari Green With Envy and also its contest. so here goes:

I envy people who can dance
be it hip hop, break dance, ballet, traditional dance, jazz, popping, locking, shuffle or whatever you call it. i will go 'whoa' with my big wet eyes everytime i watch people dance in real life or TV shows. seriously i dont have the natural talent of dancing and even though i learned hip hop before, i quit after 2 months @__@ to be honest, i love dancing. but i just cannot dance like those people. i clubbed but those were just very normal body moving and shaking by following the music. one day if i'm free enough and have alot of money, i swear i will take up some professional and advance dance lessons.

I envy people who has normal eyesight
meaning, no spec or contact lens needed. sigh i mentioned before i had glasses on ever since secondary school time. until now, there is no way for me to see things clearly without the helps of glasses or lens (unless very near objects) wearing glasses has its own inconveniences but thank God, the creation of contact lens and laser operation. but the latter sounds abit risky for me as i heard its pretty expensive and painful. whats worst, the short sightedness might comes back if care is not taken properly.

I envy people who born in a rich family
the world is getting more materialistic. no money no talk, got money got talk. but everyone knows how hard it is for us to earn money, i mean through the legal ways. but i know there are some people who is younger than me, already have a car, credit cards, house, and buys branded stuff. he/she dont work and he/she dont have to pay any single cent or even if he/she pays, that amount of money is claimable from the parents. trust me, i am not exaggerating i really have friends like that. i really envy them. but sometimes when i see things from a different point of view, i know i am lucky already. at least i still capable of a living. and everytime when i buy something using my own hard-earned money, i'll feel great(if you know what i mean) just try to think about those Africans.. and those living in the poor countries..

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