Friday, March 6, 2009


*boss is not in office today. sha lalala~*
After days of working, its finally FRIDAY!! friday is always my favourite day!

few days ago the boy and i were discussing when to have our own kids. well may be its abit too early for us to talk about babies since we have not go through the actual wedding ceremony yet. but i believe everything that is planned will eventually turns out better and within expectation (well, most of the times la..) I have to admit that we both heart kids alot. especially him. never thought he as a very gentleman-less guy would love kids so much huh? =)
Anyway i think dealing with kids is a very confusing process. you will love them to bits if they behave well. but you'll become very frustrated if the kid is hyperactive and naughty :S but whatever it is, kids are born such a way they deserved to be loved!
I remember one day when i was queueing to see doctor at this very super packed clinic, there was this little boy (aged about 5 who already can speak very fluent Engrish) sitting beside me, he was getting very frust of waiting sooo long. so he asked the mummy:

Boy A: why so long one?!
Mum A: ya la everyone also waiting to see doctor ma
Boy A: ask them go away la!!


then there was another day when the boy and i were doing some shopping at Tpg Setral then we met his friend, with her son who is about 6 or 7 i think. the conversation goes something like this:
Mum B: 快叫人啦 (come, greet 'koh koh' la...)
Boy B:* staring my boy from head to toes* 我不认识他耶... ( i dont know him leh...)
my boy and i: *staring at each other and =___="" *

hahaha kids are so adorable can you tell?!! that tells why i heart kids so much! *wondering was i that cute when i was small wtf*
but too bad i hardly have kids surrounded me all day :( not even the neighbour next door :(( sigh why arent my brothers married ha?
okay end of post. enjoy your weekend peeps! :D


  1. Hayley,

    Just to share with you, when you have your own kid, your life is going to be totally different. So, you must enjoy your couples world to its fullest now. Btw, glad to know that your partner loves kids. I'm sure he will be a good parent in future, so as you.

  2. yan, yea i know! i've heard you guys talk about it in the office hehe, so i got the ideas..;) thanks for sharing!
    so i am very much appreciating the couple world now!

  3. i have kids overdosed at home.. but i can't really tell if i really like kids? :( hrm..

  4. cryst.. erm, i think u like kids alot. hehe.


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