Thursday, March 12, 2009

No more MSN at work

my fellow friends used to jealous at me because i get to MSN during working hours. but now, no more. tell me are you still jealous at me?!
so if you dont see me signed in, freak not! its not that i'm on MC or on AL, neither that i resign already (well, at least not at the moment.) you still can leave me message here, Friendster, FB, email ......
i'm quite not used to it now. but no choice la, instruction from boss. luckily IE still can be used. but dont tell anyone i'm blogging from office now ok?! shh.........


  1. the phrase "don't tell anyone i'm blogging from the office" you'd better remove...haha cos i used to put down this phrase too, but didn't knw my boss read my blog wtf wtf wtffffff... :(

  2. cryst, i think my boss dont know about my blog kua...


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