Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Something is freaking me out.
i am getting boring.
i keep blogging about mundane and random things recently.
and i always end the post by stopping abruptly.

anyway, weekend was over. and i must say i had a bad Saturday morning. sorry but i dont feel like elaborating it further. so i had some beer with the boy and friends at night, hoping that alcohol would help me wash away the sad moments :)
watched Watchmen last Sunday. it wasnt my idea anyway. i was wanting to watch Street Fighter but the boy insisted to watch Watchmen. so i, who always used to be the nice ones, gave in and watched with him. in the end, we regretted. it's a very complicated and longgg movie it took us 2 and a half hour =___= not very recommended unless you like fiction movie alot. but one thing to look forward to, TRANSFORMER II !!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
on a very unrelated note, i heard alot of people are getting married this year. i myself have received 4 red bombs so far =___="" i think its time to start saving for ang pau money now.

have a great week ahead!


  1. meow, why you wanna know my reb bomn arr?? hehe, you wanna prepare for ang pau money?? good good!! ;)

  2. yea...give me some time to save for ur ang pao ma =P

  3. meow, how thoughtful you are!! hehe.. thanks oo :p


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