Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soul Garden

First of all, with regards to the previous post, i wanna say thank you ladies.. i understand what is your concern. and yes we all must be extra careful these days.. the economy downtime will eventually leads to alot of crimes. of cause, apart from this reason, some people is just too free and has that imbalance mind and thinking. or a rather simpler word to describe - pian tai.
second of all, i have officially moved-in to new house! :D after tumpang-ing at my aunty's house for 2 months+, finally we have our own house already! whee~ we had thrown away alot of old stuff and given away some furnitures which are still in good condition. anyway we are still lack of some cabinets and furnitures and alot of unpacking still need to be done =___="" i think the following days will be fully occupied for us! *tired*

ok back to the topic.
Yet another session at Seoul Garden! everyone is addicted to it already. our soul will always be there wtf. this time its at Auto City. the last visit was about 2 months ago. my comment? honestly, the place and environment is much better than Gurney's. but there are lesser varieties of food and drink. plus, we reached at 8smth.. which means most of the food were already grabbed by others @__@

sorry only one photo of food. i asked everyone to take photos but they rejected :( everyone was busy eating. i understand, most of us were starving like hell that time.


ice cream time is my favourite time!

there is no reasons for us to reject taking photos under the pretty lightning

i thought new camera can works wonder... but how come still so blur? is it the photographer's problem or the camera?

last photo of the day before headed to SOHO for some drinks

despite the less varieties there, everyone was still feeling full. its time to take a walk at the bazaar nearby. next we went SOHO for a drink and this was when Angelin surprised her boy with a Swensen birthday cake. aww so sweet... no photos for this cause its too dark in there. then she forced everyone to eat a piece of cake with the reason, the cake cant keep for next day=__=""

reached home about 1am and off to bed already. zZzz...

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