Monday, March 23, 2009


Last Saturday, dad fetched me home from office after work. we then stopped by at the road side as he wanted to buy some nails from Giant hardware shop. i waited in the car. then i saw this motorist(a chinese man aged about 30, riding an old type of red motorbike) passed me and stopped in front Restoran Melayu Timur(the restaurant opposite the army camp). seems like he was waiting for somebody and i noticed him because i was wondering how come he did not find any shelter while waiting? cause it was a very sunny day that day. but anyway, i did not do anything and when dad hopped in, we headed back home to Golden Hill.
along the way, i saw him at our back again. then we turned in into Golden Hill and dad went off the car at our new house, and i changed from the passenger seat to the driver seat as i wanted to find Catherine at Kmpg Boyan to collect something. guess what? i saw him again. and when he realised i saw him, he quickly turned around and went down the road. at this point, i was getting abit suspicious. but anyhow, i dint bother alot cause i was in a rush, Cat was waiting for me. so i planned to take the short cut from Lake View to Kmpg Boyan. so coincident that, this motorist also turned in to lake view. i then drove very fast hoping to get him out of sight.. but luck wasnt really on my side that day. there were too many cars on the road i have to slow down and stopped at the traffic light near KE school. then again, he was about 2-3 cars away from me. but i can see him clearly. and along to way to Kmpg Boyan, he kept a distance from me. =___=""
so i reached Cat's house after 10 mins. while i was calling her, i looked into my rearview mirror again just to confirm if he was stalking me. and the answer is YES. he stopped under a tree, somewhere 5-6 houses away. this time, i was getting very frustrated already. so i quickly got the things from Cat and left. just to make a final confirmation that he was stalking me, i purposely drove slowly and stopped again. and when he saw me stopped, again, he turned around to another lorong. wtf.
after making sure he has no sight of me, i drove faster and get rid of that area. after making several turns at the small lorongs, i succeeded(i think), i quickly drove back home. of cause i did check at the mirrors to see whether he was still at my back. what an awful saturday noon!thinking back, i should have drive to the nearest police station.. i know i should. but i didnt cause i was in a rush that time. honestly i felt more frust than terrified.
to this stupid fcker stalker, by motor plat number A**1697(too bad i cant remember the full plat number, *slap self*), i pray to God that you'll hit into accidents and fall from your bike the next time you ride. i believe there is karma in life.

just a note, actually i do curious why are people so free and really have nothing better to do? why wanna stalk people? so pian tai. i know. i must be extra alert from now on. just in case if he comes back *touch wood* and for you ladies out there, please be careful too.


  1. Whoa~~ scary.

    Next time don't think so much. Just drive to the police station. Don't care if you have other things to do or not. That fella already know where you work (and I guess where you stay also), so that puts you at bigger risk if he were to do something more than stalking...

  2. waileng, the world is getting scarier huh? i think i should hire body guard already. sigh~

  3. Very scary, I don't think he just want to stalk, i guess he wanted to snatch your hand bag or what. Really have to be very careful, esp time is bad now.

  4. yan, may be. the bad econ now leads to more and more crimes.. we must be extar careful..

  5. omg...u'd better be more careful next time.. tpg isn't very safe nowadays srsly..

  6. cryst, yea i know..
    seriously i need a body guard.

  7. aiyoo...really scary!
    honestly, i very be afraid of taiping when i'm back for holiday!
    now taiping no more longer "tai pin" le~so every minute must be alert and be careful!
    take care yaaa~

  8. hey evelyn.. its been some times dint read your blog.. hehe.
    ya, no longer tai pin liao..the same goes to u.. take good care and be careful no matter where you are~

  9. Thank god you were back safely. Luckily you managed to get rid of him b4 you reached home. It's horrible to let the stalker know where you live.

  10. I experienced the same thing when I was young.During primary, I was go cycling in evening,so that uncle riding in motor waited me to come from house and followed me around the Taman. I was scared, and then I remembered that there was a policeman stay nearby, so I cycled to his house, and luckily the policeman realized something suspicious, so he chase the uncle. Then I faster went back home and dare not out for few days.

    So gal, becareful! When someone followed you, try to go to the nearest police station or guard house! Always be alert!

  11. yvonne, yea i'm glad at least i reached home safely.. but i'm not sure whether he already know where i stay? :S
    yoong, u had the similar experiences too? sigh, where are there so many sick people out there??!! but lucky that went to the policeman's house.. smart move!


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