Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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Was clearing some of the old messages in my FB inbox and came accross this one. sent by an anonymous a year ago. this sounds very sweet yet frightening to me.
sweet simply because it sounds romantic.. not even the bf said this to me!
frightening simply because its from a stranger :S is this some sorta prank or what? and i wonder why i did not delete it the moment i received?
i believe most of you did received this kinda messages.. some total strangers will just send email/message saying you look gorgeous/familiar and he wanted to know you.. if i were to receive this when i was still a teenager i think i would be happy. but definetely not now..
its wednesday already. time seems to fly faster during the mid week. cant wait for Saturdayyy!!
have a nice day!


  1. HAHHAHA agree... the msg was seriously mind-blowing.. LOL i think if my boy tell me these i'd have married him gazillion years ago..HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  2. cryst, yea u feel the same also :S
    yalo, how come ur bf and mine never said that to us arr?

  3. my bf either T.T
    y all the boys ard us so unromantic....

  4. haha..i was attracted by the title...coz my name is wednesday..hahaha~~anyway tis Mendez erm....sweet guy~haha~

  5. meow~ hmm, i wish i know the answer.. :S
    wednesday, such a special name.. but why? isit bcos u were born on wednesday? :p

  6. Er... but to me it sounds like some 'salty wet' (hamsap) fella who wants to con you of your money. The name sounds Mexican and the writings sounds African. Honestly to me, I don't see anything romantic about it. (^^,)
    Maybe because I find my hubby romantic enough for me, so another guys words doesn't interest me at all.

  7. waileng, wah.. are you trying to 'sai meng' over here? :p
    but good la at least you've found the romantic ones..
    yea, that message did sounds abit hamsap to me though. haha.

  8. no no no... not 'sai meng'. It's just that the lesser expectations you expect from your loved ones, the more surprises you get.


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