Friday, March 20, 2009


weekend is here~
i'm getting excited because there will be something going on tomorrow! not the usual yum char session at prima or old town or 'tai or' anymore.. i m heading to Auto City!
okok, i know i overreacted. sorry =__=
we are going for another session of Seoul Garden. i think seoul garden can hire me as their ambassador already wtf. it's been a long boring week and its time to chill out. and that explains why i am so excited. hopefully i can blog about this trip soon and upload some photos. i know you havent seen my face yet for this whole march and you miss me. bleh~
on a very unrelated note, everyone is obsessed with FB's quizzes lately. everytime i login my news feed will be filled with friends who took this and that quiz -___-"" this explains many people are actually playing FB during working hours. yea yea i know i'm one of them :p and i think this is one smart invention that keeps us(office staffs) going...
okay, i better get things done now..
have a great weekend peeps! :D

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