Friday, April 3, 2009

Another random post

Last week during the gathering, friends suggested to go Pulau Redang or Perhentian some times this year. i'm definetely ON with this plan! its the place i've been planning to go for years...
but, there are 2 concerns:-

- i'm not sure whether i will have enough AL by that time
you see, the econnomy downtime now leads to company plant shut down, almost every month. and we are forced to apply AL. there is already not much AL left for me this year as i havent got the full entitlement yet.. i am doing my very best to not simply apply AL because i wanna save them for the year end as i heard there'll be another Europe trip this Nov/Dec. but if company continue to force us to apply AL, then i'm sure there will not be enough AL for me.. i know, i can apply unpaid leave or advance.. but i try not to la... but i have to say i really wish to pay Redang a visit. people said Redang isnt as beautiful as last time but i dont care! i wanna go! n__n

- the boy might not able to join us
sigh.. this is bad. you see, he is working for his father. people might think since he is the tauke kia so he can off anytime la! but wrong!! its because he is the tauke kia thats why he needs to look after the jobs and sometimes, go for outstation's work. basically he dont have fixed AL like we do. if situation permits and the job flow are not so busy, then he can go on leave. but as i can see, he is busy most of the time every year. but one thing i'm glad is that he is hardworking and his father sayang him. well, kinda la.. he gets everything he wants. or should i say, everyone in the family get what they want. but of cause, sacrifices needed in order to get what he want.. so sometimes he will need to work outstation for days, attend seminars, being called back to work even during sundays or public holidays etc.. i understand, its part of work. i remember i used to mad at him last time when he was away and left me alone T__T but when we gradually become steadier, things go smoother and i learn to accept the facts. in fact, i'm the one who help him pack whenever he goes outstation and even ask him to work harder to earn more money for me. sigh why am i so money face?!
and apparently his hardwork contributes to his louis-koo-tanned-skin. omg sometimes i really worry one day people will greet him assalamualaikum wtf.
sigh i dont know why i can talk so many unrelevant things here... its a Friday so i better stop to not bored you anymore! weekend is here which means more gathering! :D
imma watch Fast & Furious 4 tomorrow! :)


  1. Sigh... I understand when u mentioned "tauke kia". My husband is working with his father too. He never apply AL or MC, and we never been for holidays together, I mean the real gateaway. Kinda used to his work routine - outstation on weekends and working on public holidays, and be back home later than usual.

    Anyhow, hope the economy gets better and we can utilise our AL for the best ;) that's including ur year-end holidays!

  2. yvonne, yea we are in the same ship... :S
    i dont really want to 'kinda used to his work routine' but.. no choice...
    but let's pray that the economy will really improve la..

  3. hahah.... u sot ki d hor? =P
    happy holiday la... another Europe trip... so fun!

  4. ivy, i heard la.. not confirm its ON or not.. :)


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