Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back on track

Sorry i went MIA for abit. i thought i could at least blog thrice a week, but sometimes thought just wont work out =__=
did quite alot things over the last weekend. watched Mall Cop and its totally hilarious! the malls oversea is much more high-tech than Msia. i wonder will we experience the same thing here?next we went to the gym! mini gym i would say, but i like it~ of cause we cant expect to have big gym like Fitness First or Celebrity Fitness at this small town.. sometimes we just have to be contented.
on Sunday we went to Penang and signed up a bridal package from France Taipei. they have friendly consultants there and the services are kinda good! i simply lurve their albums. will be going again this Sunday for further payment and inquiries.
Monday was a holiday and it was fully utilised. did some shopping with the boy and went for daytime karaoke session with friends. surprisingly, i find it more interesting compare to k-ing during night time. perhaps its because of cheaper price and less people?
by the way its Earth day today! so do your parts to create a better environment for us all! ;)


  1. wow~seem like going held wedding dinner soon le is it?
    Hahaaa... await to see ur bridal pictures... sure will be very nice!!! ;)
    Congratulations again~

  2. evelyn, we just thought to sign up the package 1st cause the albums processing needs 3-4 months to be done..
    anyway, thanks!! ;)

  3. cool, i like those pictures in the gallery, not so much on the themes pics.. can;t wait to see the pictures! ;) how much appx for the whole package?

    eh, tpg got gym meh?

  4. cryst, yea me like too!
    erm, minimum package is RM2K++, to the maximum RM13K!!!
    i took the RM3k++ one..
    eh, not realy a gym. its a fitness center, located near The Store.

  5. wah! u tk 3K+++ ei.... later add this and that will be 5K++ d... lol....anyway... hope you get wedding dinner soon....

  6. ivy, yes.. we estimated that will be the figure.. thats y we dint chose the exp packages.. 3k+ is just the basic package..


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