Monday, April 6, 2009

Fast and furious 4

Watched this last Saturday and i have 3 things to say:
- Brian and Dom looked absolutely cool in there sigh can i marry one of them?!
- i definetely hope there will be more episodes coming up
- the hot and sexay babes in there... i believe even girls are drooling over them haha

its not a very bad Monday for me today. i'm glad that its almost time to go home!! whee~


  1. Haha, you cannot marry neither of them. You're married! I haven't watch Fast and Furious 4 yet. I heard not much nice car. But since there will still hawt sexy babes, perhaps I should watch it soon!

  2. kelv, yea i know.. too bad :(
    but yes, not much new car this time but the story and action is still cool. and u gotta watch la cos i bet u gonna like it.. those hottt babes in there;)

  3. Just watched it last week.
    I totally agree with the 'babes' part!
    In the cinema everything looks bigger~! (*evil grin*)

  4. wai leng, yea i got you. 'everything looks bigger in cinema..', haha. *double evil grin*


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