Monday, April 13, 2009

Last weekend

Things that happened last weekend..
-became the first customer of Starbucks very early on Saturday morning. i dont know why was i so kia su people havent even prepare to take order yet
-aunty came from KL and brought her naughty little grandson along and i babysitted him for the whole afternoon. actually i planned to do some office works but due to his naughtiness, mission failed~ guess i will have to speed up the jobs today. sigh he was at my home for about 4 hours only but i already surrender. i cant imagine what will happen to me the next time when i have my own kids -__-"'
-met up with friends at their usual hot spot, McD. then hang around at the games center playing 'photo hunt' and 'bubbles'.
-went for a malay body massage yesterday while the boy was away to Ipoh. it was quite a relaxing massage and i started to kinda like it~ the tauke soh said i have a stiff shoulder.. i guess mostly its caused by pressure from works.. @__@ anyway i think its great if you know someone close to you who knows massaging. can get free massage! :D

some random photos..

it was a rainy Saturday night we didnt know where to go

him being very serious everytime he drives

in the end succeeded to force him to camwhore together gather ;)


okay i better get back to work before the user come rush me. weekend's just over, have to start counting down to this weekend again...
have a great week ahead peeps!


  1. Don't worry about having to chase your kids around the house. It would be FUN! *grin*

  2. yvonne, haiz i know.. i think its the stage we have to go through.. i think i better enjoy the stage right now ho..


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