Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lunch at SSL

It's Angeline's birthday today, once again, happy birthday girl !

4 of us treated her a lunch meal at SSL hotel just now. so happened that we met 'ho qiu boon' too. he was shooting some MV there. now, spot him!

too bad the guy in red shirt blocked him already. anyway this is the closer shot.

very nice angle right? it seems like some paparazzi shot we used to see teehee.

this week is quite a fattening week. i've just had sushi(s) last Monday afternoon. and just now we had buffet lunch at SSL. tonight i will be at sushi king again with the boy and gang. then tomorrow noon Lorita dated us to have another meal there again. i think tonight i'll probably dream about one giant sushi chasing after me wtf. with the plan like this my diet plan will never succeeded i swear. yea i know, i'm the one to be blamed *slap self*


  1. Yes, this Ho Qiu Boon uncle is definitely a bonus gift for our dearest Angeline. LOL!

  2. yea, should we tell her actually its us who arrange him to be there? muahaha =p

  3. erm... who is "Ho Qiu Boon"? hehehe... actor? heheh.. paiseh... dunO much of the actor....
    u a...everyday oso eat...then complain fat fat...then oni want keep everyone

  4. is it that winner for those uncles and aunties singing competition years back who's also selling some kinda noodle in pokok assam arR? LOL

    what a description! :P

  5. ivy, he is the winner of ASTRO Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2007(乐龄歌唱比赛). as he represented Taiping for the competition, so most of the taiping-nese know him. but its not odd if you dont know him la, cos you are not taiping lang.. hehe.

    Cryst, yea bingo! he is that uncle! :D

  6. wah! lol! no wonder... paiseh paiseh...


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