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Stalker part II

Read Yvonne's blog and reminds me of the stalker i met 2 weeks ago. i remember his face, still vividly in my mind. i really dont want to remember his fc*ing face but he left me no choice. it was my first time encounted case like that. i know, everything has its first. but seriously who want to have encounters liddat?

and you what? i saw him again last week. i suspect he is a newspaper delivery man. and so coincidentally he used the same route as me every morning. he was ahead of me that morning and i spotted his bike very naturally, duh i hate him but i can recognise him right away! he used to wear a light-grey jacket and helmet. and his bike is kinda old already and this time, PLEASE ALLOW ME TO ANNOUNCE HIS PLAT NUMBER TO THE WHOLE WORLD OK!!!


go la go buy 4D or toto if you want to.. but i bet this number will never wins cause it is, dirty.

the way he ride the bike is very slow motion and slumber. may be its because his bike is very old type already and the engine is not functioning properly? and i hope his bike break down everytime he is on the road and no one comes to rescue and all he can do is just wait wait and wait, helplessly. yes you are right i'm still cursing him even at this very moment.

okay sorry i know i've drifted apart, letmi continue. so i spotted him and i purposely drove passed him, i saw a stack of papers on his bike so thats where i suspect he is the paper delivery man. i looked at his face with a very fierce look and he looked at me too. well, i dont know did i looked fierce enough but all i want is to let him realise that i've successfully spotted him and his plat number and i want him to know that I REALLY HATE HIM!!! i guess he delivers paper to Kamunting industry area and when we reached the round-about, he went 9 o'clock and i went straight.

i dont know. is this some sorta fate or just a coincident or what, why do i keep seeing him??? perhaps its just a coincident but i swear to GOD he is stalking me that saturday. dont ask me why only GOD knows the answer.

ever since that day, i opted to leave home a little later than usual nowadays, just to check whether he is on the road by any chance. and i hope i dont bump into him again.

now that i have his plat number at least i'm a little relieved. IF i know he is stalking me again i will definetely report to the police without hesitation. you might ask what if he ride another bike? or what if he wears another jacket? dont worry i can recognise him already.

nowhere and no one is safe anymore. ladies please be extra careful nowadays. may GOD bless us all...

p/s: happy birthday to you brother. hope everything works fine for you this year and the years to come!


  1. omg, u must be alert anytime..anywhere...
    better get ur boy be ur body-guard~
    no matter how, must be careful lor~
    may be try get guy to accompany u glower and glare at him(try to catch his time and do that for him). At least let him know that body-guard always around wth u~
    hopefully he will scare and stop stalking u...
    God bless always~~~

  2. evelyn, yea thanks..
    its great if my other half can be with me all time.. but too bad he cant :(
    erm, no guys want to accompany me like that wo so how? :p hehe...
    but don worry, this time i know what to do already.
    u also take care! girls are not safe anywhere now..

  3. Gosh...taiping is not Tai Ping anymore!!!
    Be more alert gal,bustards are evrywhere!
    the oni thing v can do is to be more bkful and keep our eyes widely open!!!!

  4. meow, yes tpg is no longer tai pin since years ago... :S
    i guess everywhere isnt safe anymore.. pray hard so that bad luck dont comes to us la.
    anyway, thanks! you too take care!


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