Friday, April 17, 2009

Sushi madness

Last 4 days was the Sushi King RM2 bonanza season. similar to last year's, we dated one another for some sushi moments. but this year is the craziest one. imagine i had 3 days of sushi(s) in 4 days @__@ i've called it ENOUGH. i think i will need to stop visiting sushi king for a while already.
anyway, some random photos last 2 days.

yes, dont remind me that i've put on weight. i weight myself EVERYDAY on the bathroom scale goddamnit it always remains the same or worse, the number increased. T____T

the happy couple :D

LT and me with the yummy fish-shaped ice cream
everyone was damn full. so we walked around Tpg Sentral. look at these people who has nothing better to do...

the girls even went to sit on the baby chair games and kena halau by the guard HAHAHA
again its FRIDAY!! *grin*
and Monday is a holiday = avoid monday blueness = 3 days off one shot! *double grin*
and imma watch 'Mall Cop' tonight! *triple grin*


  1. wow~seen like so enjoy ur life~
    how come Monday holiday?
    i wish to have holiday too... but... sad :(
    Have a nice weekend~

  2. wah! sushi king got fish shape ei ice-cream ei meh?
    My sushi day..not that happening... check this out:

  3. evelyn, yea.. kinda enjoying la ;)
    monday is the replacement holiday for Sultan Perak's birthday so its a holiday! :D

    ivy, yep. how come u dont know eh? very nice lo!

  4. ei ei... I really duno gt fish ei ice-cream product? hehe.. long time din go sushi d... out dated pula...

  5. ivy, really la.. i think for quite some times already lor... ;S


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