Friday, April 10, 2009

They are everywhere

Case I- Few months ago, Yan told us about the pick pocket case at Aulong's yoga center.
Case II- Some times later, Angeline's hp was stolen at one of the hair saloon at Jln Kota.
Case III- 2 days ago, another similar case happened at Kmpg Jambu's yoga center.

conclusion? wait letmi finish.

According to Susan(the main yoga instructor), a chinese lady, in her 50s who looks just like any other ordinary aunties, visited her on Weds evening. she walked in telling that she was helping her daughter to ask about the yoga fees and she wanted to observe hows the yoga flow there. as normal as it sounds, no one bother about her and everyone continued with the yoga session. the instructor for that class was Grace and this aunty was already there before Grace reached. she sat down, next to the chair where Grace used to put her handbag. minutes later, Grace realised her purse and hp were gone.

hell only God knows how the aunty managed to 'transfer' the purse and hp from Grace's bag to hers in split seconds. and after she managed to do this, she was still sitting there acting as if nothing happens. nobody caught her act and in the end, she left. just like that.

and for case I and II, i heard the thief was also a chinese lady. and she used similar methods to hunt too.

and so the conclusions:-
- it could be the same person for these cases. even if its not, it might be from the same gang
- she's a professional wtf

so to all of you, please be extra careful with your belongings these day. i believe this method is getting back in town now. and dont ever judge a person with the look. he/she might looks just like a normal citizen but who knows? looks can be deceiving at times. its always better to be safe than sorry.


  1. wasai~aunty also can be professional?
    kao~ world really changing now~
    how sad to heard all of this bad news~haizzzzzz...
    ntg can we do~just pay 100% alert~
    God blesssssss

  2. evelyn, yes. no joke.
    perhaps you can remind your family/relatives at Tpg to beware of this scandal..


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