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The weight issue

Yan brought a bathroom scale to the office last 2 days and this reminds me of something. I have been constantly standing on the bathroom scale for the passed few weeks. its like, at least twice a day? i know this might make no sense but at least i feel better like that :S
i think slimming is a full time mission for most of the ladies... its something like aiming to catch a rich bf/husband haha. 'i'm on diet' is something i tends to say (which always ended up with failure wtf). i know some people said i look ok and dont have to lose weight. may be i'm quite good in hiding my fats? i dont know but the thought 'i'm fat' is always there in my mind.
you know i think its true, it relates very much to the genes in Ong's family. almost every babies born in Ong's are chubby. most of my aunties and cousins have heavy-bottom/pear-shaped-figure. this is so sad but yet its so truee! too bad there's nothing we can do to change the genes. die la next time my childrens/grand chidrens/great grand childrens will have have to go through the same cycle. i'm so sorry *throw tantrums*
then you know the world is getting more and more yummylicious. i found out there are actually loadsss of great yet fattening food out there. sigh WHY YUMMY FOOD IS ALSO FATTENING FOOD?! chocolate is yummy, but its fattening. McD is yummy, but its fattening. pokok asam fried chicken is yummy, but its fattening. ice cream is yummy, but its fattening. and the list goes on... *sigh*
but you know what, i really must lose some weight now. seriously. i'm going to hit the gym more often. i'm going to eat/drink less especially at night time. because....

so dear are you reading this? please stop feeding me with great food (temporarily) you know i cant resist. deal? :)


  1. hey, very very angreed on this---> "it relates very much to the genes in Ong's family. almost every babies born in Ong's are chubby"
    tat's true~ me too from Ong's family!!! sigh...
    most of my family members are facing same problems too...
    so coincidence~~wahahaha!!!
    hmmm, wish u will success on ur diet plan~~~
    and me too need work hard to control my appetite~ Let's kampateh together ba!!! ;)

  2. evelyn, u are Ong also?? haha.. such a coincident! but how come ha?
    yea, lets add oil together! ;)

  3. Actually in most communities (like Chinese), big bottoms are good you know - very 'sang yong' (^^,)
    Eh, btw which 'Ong' are you? 王 or 黄?
    If it's the second one then count me in...

  4. wai leng, get what you are trying to say.. but i still prefer to have smaller butt.
    opps, sorry but i am the 王. hehehe..

  5. Mei just do ur best k....last time i was totally worried with my weight. But end up i do not want to be stress up...just do ur job and get a healthy diet k...Just to be happy...alwiz kk...The more u think of it, the more u feel HUNGRY!!! gambate...
    hey me also Ong 王 wor...chubby *_^

  6. something to add here, Mei. Compare to you and me...i guess u r far better than me..sure u can fit into that FT dress...Don't remember, i shot my wedding pic @ FT too...every single dress i choose i can fit in alter leh...erm.. we do gonna hv lunch tomorrow rite?

  7. Angeline, thanks for the encouragement! ;)
    uhm, may be u were slim during ur photo shooting time... i dont know.. but no worries, will do my best!
    lunch? should be fine arr...


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