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Movies time!

Yet another movie to watch!!
i simply love summer cause there're just so many movies to watch!! :D :D
but this time, we opted to catch this on Sunday noon. actually i would prefer to watch a daytime movie rather than a midnight show. its so much comfy and its less tiring.
read from paper that this movie is able to compete with Transformer II. true? we'll see.
enjoy the weekend!

Too lazy to think for a title

I'm so running outta things to blog these days... :\
i do have one thing to share though. as you have already know that i'm engaged for like 4 months already? and many are asking the same question which is when will i have my actual wedding ceremony? i am really speechless on this question :S
but last night, darl called and given us 4 different dates to chose. 2 of them fall on Saturday and the other 2 on Sunday. we agreed to held our wedding on Sunday so we are left with 2 dates only. i shall keep you updated once we have confirm the date. but one thing for sure, it will definetely be NEXT YEAR (2010)!
actually i was hoping to arrange the date in early 2010, as it will be still in 2009 Lunar calendar, which is also Ox year. as i've heard, its not very encouraged to get marry in the year of Tiger(which is 2010). uhm, i have no idea how true is this, i'm not so expert on this kinda superstitious beliefs. but since the sifu has actually set the dates based on our 时辰八字(birth…

Night at the Museum II

As planned, we watched this last weekend. the cinema was full house, with most of them were children of cause. i must say, this is quite a hilarious show, if you dont take into consideration the story line. honestly the story line is so so only, but its within my expectation. its something similar to the previous episode, just added in more characters and more talking. besides the old characters like Jedidiah, Octavious, Teddy, Rexy, Dexter.. it also features Enstein(which can sings 'thats the way ah ha ah ha i like it ah ha ah ha...'), Abraham Lincoln, 3 cute cupids(which they can rap!) and other new characters. basically, this movie talks about the Smithsonian Institution, which claims to be the world's largest museum. it tells how Larry and the rest fight with Kahmunrah(the evil character in this movie) and send him back to where he belongs. there are quite alot of adventures too. ok, must keep the suspend going.. haha. so go watch it yourself! i'm sure there are a fe…

Discovering yoga

Its been 2 years since i joined yoga classes. sometimes i think, if i were a teenager i think 2 years is more than enough to master in all the yoga poses and my body would be very flexible. however, i am not like that =(
i learn yoga not because i want to master in all the poses, nor i want to take part in any competition. its just merely i enjoy it very much. Taiping doesnt have any big fitness center and there's no grand shopping complexes too. so you can roughly imagine there is actually not much entertainment/activities we can engage in. its just about work-home-work-home (well, for me la..)
so its good to join those yoga classes available. as far as i know, there are about 4 places here which offers yoga. i always stick to Meizi as i think its quite good and the best part is, it has a combination of aerobics and yoga in certain classes. this certainly helps me in sweating more = burning more calories = losing weight = happier me!!! :D
but i heard Susan(Meizi's instructor) me…


I used to own a pet few years back. its a normal grey cat with a very short tail. i forgot how we got it but i think it came to our house itself. but how now that i recall i dont have any photos of it shit la! T__T but luckily i remember its name was Mimi. meow~

after some times, my uncle decided to throw it away =( so he brought Mimi to some other taman and abandoned it, just like that. seriously i dont know what causes him to make such a decision. i personally think Mimi was quite cute and tame. i wonder is Mimi still around now? has someone adopted it? -_-

so cute can die
lately, i have developed a deeper love for Persian cats (actually i love ALL cats la ok). so few weeks ago, i told darl what i want for my birthday this year. i know, its like 6 months in advance but i'm so kind i plan to give him enough time to save as much money as possible cause i know buying a Persian cat isnt cheap. see i'm such a good gf/wife :p and on and off i keep reminding him my birthday wish but…

Counting down the days

beautiful sea, white sandy beach, bikini girls, beach volley ball, snorkelling....its all i have in mind now!! :D
will be heading off to Redang in exactly 26 days!! wheee~~
but we really should have plan our trip earlier. June is a peak season and all standard rooms are fully occupied. we were only given seaview rooms or the president suites, this will certainly cost us more. but since this is the first island trip so we decided to go for it!
and i strongly agree that we should really plan for a vacation once a while. all works and no play makes us SICK!

p/s: do share with me your trip if you've been there!!

Sleepless night

It was 3am and i was still freaking awake. i thought i was suppose to be tired and would have dated Mr Zhou Gong few hours ago. i think i was tired mentally but not physically.
it was terrible. i've been rolling from left to right and from right to left. i dont know what was the cause. it could be due to the stuffy air in my room or my imbalance hormone (it's that time of the month). i was sweating a little too.
i looked at the clock again, it was close to 5am. i started to feel abit sleepy and that was when i feel asleep, i think. just when i started to fall really deeply in sleep, the alarm rang. wtf. so technically, i slept for only 2 hours last night.
i looked into the mirror this morning and OMG! my eyes are swollen! 0__0 i hate this! i hate insomnia!
but still, i need to come to the office, as usual. and am surviving through the blues now.
Annie was chatting to me, and she told me she cant sleep well last night. what a coincident!! and suddenly what appeared in my mind was, c…

Wedding part II

Note: Happy birthday to Annie!! its the 18th year we knew each other!! :D

Updates as promised! :D

i will skip the Saturday's photos for the time being.. they are all at Annie's camera. will update once i got em.

got up very early on Sunday, just to get ready and headed to Cherry's house. the bridegroom and his brothers came around 10smth, after making sure we were all ready. unfortunately we cant play games during that morning. you know usually the sisters will trick the bridegroom and his gang with games/questions before the bride can actually released from her room. the reason is because the bride's father had just passed away few months ago so its a respect to her family

presented to you the handsome bride for the day

how nice we had two maids who offered to 'fan' us. God knows how hot it was that morning!

groupie! look at the bridegroom who sit like a father

before the newly wed walked in, we had some fun times camwhored together gather. actual wedding dinner s…

Help please...

Came across this newsthrough Cryst's blog. already helped by donating some money through online banking. actually, i already read about this in the paper last week. i'm a dog lover myself so i feel very pitiful for them T___T just imagine how does it feel if we are in the similar situation. hopefully, the donation we made will give them a better life.

Weekend with the gang

Had the most productive weekend!! ;)
Saturday: came to work in the morning, went for Mother's day celebration in the afternoon, went to the gym, did facial and manicure, went Tony's 'pre wedding' night
Sunday:woke up early and headed to Cherry's house, witnessed the detailed process of a chinese wedding ceremony, took a fine nap in the afternoon, went for Tony's wedding dinner, continued the second round of beers/ liquor.

see? i rarely become this hardworking during weekend. their wedding is something we all looking forward to. and finally its over now! and now i have officially developed a phobia of marriage!

i know, i used to hear alot of people saying how troublesome it is on getting married. its like we must get all the things prepared like, a year in advance? or more.

it was so HOT during the 2 days of Tony's wedding.. but we would never hope it rains during this time cause people say, if it rains during your wedding it means you are a stingy man!! :D anywa…


I dreamed about my (ex)boyfriends last night. and waking up feeling, funny.
i think its been ages since i last met them. uhm okay let me clarify, 'them' doesnt means alot. it was like, 2 only ok. and i think its sorta pupply love only. fine i admit i dont have good luck when it comes to relationship, i mean during my schooling time. i dint have good look/body/communication skill, this explains why i have so little male friends. and in case you dint know, i studied at TMGS, its a girls' school.

my 1st relationship went for only, 2 weeks? well i dont think its consider as a relationship though, it was just like kids playing sand. this happened when i was Form4/Form5. i knew A through a camp organized by some youth society.. basically, we just went for walks at lake garden at night(back then, its so much safer to dating there even late at night, but certainly not now). i dont remember i had a cell phone that time. i think he called me at my house number. after 2 weeks, our rela…

Losing my hair my age now, is totally a disaster!! :o

yes this is what i experienced lately. i used to have very thick and volumed hair all this while, but i've been experiencing serious hair loss since this 2 months. i'm terrified everytime thinking of washing my hair. i really can feel my hair is getting thinner and lesser compared to last time. even the hair dresser said the same thing. this is so sad!! :(
i know i've aged, but that doesnt necessary means i will start to lose hair at the age of 25. i mean, 25 is still quite early for hair loss right?

look, there's an obvious empty swirl in the center of my head. i swear it wasnt that empty before this. i mentioned this to Annie and she asked me to consult Hair Pro/Yun Nan. wtf i dont think its THAT serious yet leh. or should i just accept the fact and go for early treatment? T___T and yea, thats my winnie the pooh bedsheet ;)

this is approximately how much hair i loss everytime after i wash my hair =(

anyway there are a few fa…

Us and Tpg Sentral

The girls came back last weekend. our meeting venue was suppose to be at Old Town. but it was fully occupied that time. so we switched over to McD. then to Old Town again, which later on joined by SL and friends.
i agreed the hottest spot in Tpg now is probably Tpg Sentral, especially weekend. i swear i go there at least thrice a week. no more pubs or clubbing for us now. age oh age.... something which terrifies us =__=
sometimes we hang around there with no purpose i wonder why. it could be a shame as we are no longer teens. only teens will do such things like lepak-ing around..

AS and me

Sam and me

finally the nicest one! after several failed attempts.. its hard to get someone you dont know to take photo for you...

the pretty girls
not many photos that night. and i'm still waiting for the rest of them from GH. sometimes it feels so good to catch up with one another once a while.. we got so much to share and laugh! this is what i called FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!