Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Counting down the days

beautiful sea, white sandy beach, bikini girls, beach volley ball, snorkelling....its all i have in mind now!! :D
will be heading off to Redang in exactly 26 days!! wheee~~
but we really should have plan our trip earlier. June is a peak season and all standard rooms are fully occupied. we were only given seaview rooms or the president suites, this will certainly cost us more. but since this is the first island trip so we decided to go for it!
and i strongly agree that we should really plan for a vacation once a while. all works and no play makes us SICK!

p/s: do share with me your trip if you've been there!!


  1. Oooooo Hoooo....at last you make it! Your boy going? hehe....bring more sunscreen, hats, umbrella, etc to keep yourselves away from the sun if you do not want to get sunburn..

  2. ivy, yeah! after years of planning, now finally.. :D
    yes, those items are for sure. i even plan to bring hydration mask there, and do every night. haha.

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  4. Lying on da bench on the beach at nite, with beer in hand, look at the starry starry nitez, enjoying the sea breeze and u might see meteor.
    and don 4get to look 4 da blue sand,it's awesome =D
    enjoy ur trip ya ^^
    i feel like i don wan to come bac after i spend my 3 days there...
    it's like paradise

  5. Wah! Hydration mask? faint...scared u no time do nia...lol

  6. meow, yaya.. i can imagine how relax enjoying the nice breezy air there ;) thanks!
    ivy, haha. true ler, the beautician recommended me to bring a mask along and apply b4 sleep. i hope i am that hardworking la.. ;p

  7. wow~so good yaaa...
    I had planned for 2years too but postpone to next year again~ sien...u must take more pic to share ohhhh~
    wish u have a pleasant trip!!!

  8. evelyn, yes i definetely will!! dont worry!! :D

  9. hahaha.....okok...take care ya and enjoy ur trip!

  10. Bikini girls and beach volleyball turn me ON. How I wish I can go too!!

  11. ivy, okok thanks!
    kelv, i know that sounds very interesting right! you can definetely plan for a trip like this!!

  12. President suites with seaview rocks! hahaha... yeap, been there years ago, wish I was there now! :)

  13. irene, but thats going to cost us more =(
    guess i should take loads and loads of photos!!


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