Friday, May 22, 2009

Discovering yoga

Its been 2 years since i joined yoga classes. sometimes i think, if i were a teenager i think 2 years is more than enough to master in all the yoga poses and my body would be very flexible. however, i am not like that =(
i learn yoga not because i want to master in all the poses, nor i want to take part in any competition. its just merely i enjoy it very much. Taiping doesnt have any big fitness center and there's no grand shopping complexes too. so you can roughly imagine there is actually not much entertainment/activities we can engage in. its just about work-home-work-home (well, for me la..)
so its good to join those yoga classes available. as far as i know, there are about 4 places here which offers yoga. i always stick to Meizi as i think its quite good and the best part is, it has a combination of aerobics and yoga in certain classes. this certainly helps me in sweating more = burning more calories = losing weight = happier me!!! :D
but i heard Susan(Meizi's instructor) mentioned that yoga dont really helps in losing alot of weight. it is more focus on adjusting our body postures, massaging our muscles/inner organs and the most important function - relaxation, which is really good for me! sometimes there's just too much pressure/tension from work/life we really need to learn how to release them.

headstand, scorpion, ashtanga pose

i think its going to take forever for me to learn these.. or in my next life may be. ha!

anyway these are some of the poses we always practice:

flying, warrior 1, side plank

weekend is here! ;) going to watch Night at The Museum II tomorrow night. hope it wont dissapoint me!
you have a great weekend!


  1. yo yo! syok nia yoga at the Museum...i might put it aside d...cuz I want to watch "Monsters VS Aliens" in 3D... Penang only GSC Gurney got 3D ei ler! I want to go watch that!

  2. ivy, yes, yoga is good. u interested bo? ;)
    oo, really? ok la, u go watch that, and i go watch night at the museum. then we exchange review. deal? haha.

  3. I haven't tried yoga before... not time to relax also, hahaha...

    So, how was the movie?

  4. me hor...i want to go Yoga too...but time...hehe....
    I watch "Monsters VS Aliens" 2D ystd d...hehe

  5. irene, i understand. thats what we usually say, no time and busy.. hehe :p but its really good attending yoga classes.
    the movie, not bad! will do a review on it later.
    ivy, oo really? i watched the trailer. seems funny. hehe. so how was it?

  6. hehe....u check out my updates lor....commented d...

  7. ivy, ok. but usually ur site loads abit slower. hehe.

  8. kaka....too many things with banner in it ma....good site need to be patient bit ei

  9. ivy, ya la okok. get ur point!!
    but internet is really slow these days.. *yawns*

  10. ya la...really hope got a new provider come out with a better plan then no one will use Streamyx.... soooo slow d line....

  11. ivy, even until now i cant access ur blog also. sienz. :(

  12. Har?! U use what connection? zzzz ... Streamyx?

  13. no la, now ok ady la. that one was yesterday message. =__=''


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