Friday, May 8, 2009


I dreamed about my (ex)boyfriends last night. and waking up feeling, funny.
i think its been ages since i last met them. uhm okay let me clarify, 'them' doesnt means alot. it was like, 2 only ok. and i think its sorta pupply love only. fine i admit i dont have good luck when it comes to relationship, i mean during my schooling time. i dint have good look/body/communication skill, this explains why i have so little male friends. and in case you dint know, i studied at TMGS, its a girls' school.

my 1st relationship went for only, 2 weeks? well i dont think its consider as a relationship though, it was just like kids playing sand. this happened when i was Form4/Form5. i knew A through a camp organized by some youth society.. basically, we just went for walks at lake garden at night(back then, its so much safer to dating there even late at night, but certainly not now). i dont remember i had a cell phone that time. i think he called me at my house number. after 2 weeks, our relationship had announced dead. of cause i didnt cry. may be i was too young to know how LOVE can hurts. then we dint bother to contact each other already. ya la i was only obsessed with studies back then where got time to paktor anymore? back in my time, parents' control are very strict. unlike the youngsters nowadays.. they get so much freedom.

a year later, i met B, through my school mate. he studied at Australia so our relationship is some sorta LDR. he called me every 2 or 3 nights. his family was kinda rich so he was able to fly back and fro quite frequently. i had quite some sweet times spending with him. this time, we survived a little longer, almost half a year. i thought he was the one for me but unfortunately, he asked for a break up. sigh why is my life so pathetic? both my exes actually requested a break up with me. may be i was a terrible gf that time. T__T since then, i lost contacts with B.

not long after that, i was introduced to him, through a friend too. and so we started our relationship until today =) i do asked him to tell me about his exes. but he rarely talks about them. may be guys dont like sharing this kinda thing with us?

recently, i met both the A and B. we just smile to each other. and funny enough, both of them had put on ALOT of weight!! i nearly cannot recognise them!! :0

oo ya i forget to mention the 1st crush in my life!! believe it or not i kinda like this guy, studied at the next class, during Standard 6! ok now you know my secret boo. i've been admiring him for the whole year!! i still missed him alot even when we went for separate school after that =( until today, i still remember his face vividly. dont get me wrong, only just FRIEND. but i was totally shocked when i received the news that he died during a car accident few years back T_____T i dint know should i cry or what. he was such a good looking boy!! i heard that he had a few drinks that night and drove recklessly, which killed him. *sigh* i wish him peace...

we had grown up so much now and everyone had already find their Mr/Ms Right. i still treat them as a friend despite the sadness they brought me. i heard that B started dating my ex school mate not long after we broke up, even until today. surprisingly i dont feel anything. honest one la, i'm not jealous ok. i still wish them happiness! cause i'm nice like that =p

p/s: it's around the corner.. Happy Mother's day! enjoy the weekend!


  1. ooooo....suddenly met them back.. so how is it? got any special feel? hahaha....sure you have moved on and they as well.... just think and smile.. :)

  2. ivy, no special feeling la. i'm totally alright now ;))
    just thought of wanna share this post only n__n

  3. ya, i agree.. most guys dont like to talk abt their exes.. :( boo!

  4. ivy, ;)
    cryst, ya. may be guys' brain has only a little space for relationship. >.<

  5. i know ur secret!!!
    and I know who is your 1st crush.keke...i've been in the same class with him for 5 years.
    Hope he can rest in peace. His dead shocked me too....

  6. meow, hehe.. let u know liao tim.. but its ok, that was history.. plus, he's already .... sigh.. such a waste.

  7. Now, I know your secrets liao hahaha... so, how about your current one le?

  8. irene, my current one is my hubby lor.. hehe. its a 6 years relationship already.


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