Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Losing my hair my age now, is totally a disaster!! :o

yes this is what i experienced lately. i used to have very thick and volumed hair all this while, but i've been experiencing serious hair loss since this 2 months. i'm terrified everytime thinking of washing my hair. i really can feel my hair is getting thinner and lesser compared to last time. even the hair dresser said the same thing. this is so sad!! :(
i know i've aged, but that doesnt necessary means i will start to lose hair at the age of 25. i mean, 25 is still quite early for hair loss right?

look, there's an obvious empty swirl in the center of my head. i swear it wasnt that empty before this. i mentioned this to Annie and she asked me to consult Hair Pro/Yun Nan. wtf i dont think its THAT serious yet leh. or should i just accept the fact and go for early treatment? T___T and yea, thats my winnie the pooh bedsheet ;)

this is approximately how much hair i loss everytime after i wash my hair =(

anyway there are a few facts i want to share:
-i know it could be due to pressure/stress in my daily life which lead to imbalance hormones. now you can tell how much pressure i face everyday =____=
-i shampoo my hair every 2 days which i think its quite ok. and i dont apply the shampoo/conditioner directly onto my scalp. i usually rub them with some water in my palm first, which i think its the correct way
-i have never changed any hair product for a long time already cause i think the current one suits my hair well. with this i dont think its the hair product which causes my hair loss problem
-i do have dandruff sometimes. but i feel that the condition is improving as compared to my schooling time. i tell you people used to shout at me and said 'OMG mei your hair is snowing!' wtf (no la its a lame joke i created myself)

i have already started using some hair tonic recommended by the hair dresser. and i heard that onion helps in hair growth? i dont know how true is that but no harm giving it a try too. i did consider to go for a hair cut, but i think i will need to delay this plan due to some plans ahead.
ok now, anyone know any other effective tips? i definetely dont enjoy the process of balding T__T


  1. hmmm... i also facing same problem with u leh~
    my hair lost also quit serious and i'm worrying too... but my friends mention loss about 100 root of hair everyday is consider normal ohhh~ so me also no bother much!
    but everyday clean my room and saw the stack of loss hair, my heart feel so painful!
    so now i'm using Pantene Control Hair Loss shampoo, seeing improving... may be u can try too~

  2. evelyn, nono, Pantene is a nono for me!! i tried that before, but the problem became even worse!!
    i know, but i certainly loss more than 100 a day!!
    may be i should seek for natural remedy for curing hair loss problem.

  3. i am balding too T___T and i haven't got the solution to it yet.. and my stylist told me many times i have very sensitive scalp; red dots on my scalp. but i don't feel anything or itchy.. but he mentioned if it become more serious, the red dots will eventually become small pimple-like thing and leads to hair fall T___T

    i'm getting a wig!

  4. cryst, u serious? how come we are in the same ship?
    yea, a wig is good. let's go shopping together!! :)

  5. My gowd! Recently i've been complaining to my brother bout my hair losing! After i dry my hair with the hair dryer, my found more than 10 hair fall on the floor. When my bro walk into my room he found my floor got lots of hair, he dare not walk in anymore. He say 'geli'! hahahahaha.....

    I havent found any solution. But i am using this spray for hair fall. Something like hair tonic. I dunno it works or not. :D

  6. nawihs, ok now i know i'm not alone =)
    yes, when u see that 'pile' of loss hair on the floor/comb, its really gerli.. may be we can consider getting hair implant wtf.

  7. seems like we gals having da same problem.I'm suffering from hair loss too T__T
    my swirl is even more empty than u,pathetic neh...
    Currently i've changed to wella system professional shampoo,for hair loss control,and it's really work, my hair loss had reduce to half although i oni used it for not more than 10 times.I'm goin to buy the wella hair regeneration serum later.I heard it's pretty good too.All recommended by my hair stylist.
    No need go to Yun Nam hair care liao =D

  8. meow, oo really..
    but i dont know this product suits me or not.. but no harm giving it a try la.


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