Monday, May 18, 2009

Sleepless night

It was 3am and i was still freaking awake. i thought i was suppose to be tired and would have dated Mr Zhou Gong few hours ago. i think i was tired mentally but not physically.
it was terrible. i've been rolling from left to right and from right to left. i dont know what was the cause. it could be due to the stuffy air in my room or my imbalance hormone (it's that time of the month). i was sweating a little too.
i looked at the clock again, it was close to 5am. i started to feel abit sleepy and that was when i feel asleep, i think. just when i started to fall really deeply in sleep, the alarm rang. wtf. so technically, i slept for only 2 hours last night.
i looked into the mirror this morning and OMG! my eyes are swollen! 0__0 i hate this! i hate insomnia!
but still, i need to come to the office, as usual. and am surviving through the blues now.
Annie was chatting to me, and she told me she cant sleep well last night. what a coincident!! and suddenly what appeared in my mind was, could it be the drinks we had at The Gate Cafe last night? i texted Angeline and she called back. to my surprise she too dint sleep well. and now, i have yet to find out from Sam. if she too was having trouble in sleep last night then our assumption is probably TRUE! what did the waiter/waitress added in our drinks?! i dont know may be its just some sorta coincidence only @___@ i really need a good sleep tonight.

anyway, we watched Angels and Demons last weekend. to my surprise, this turns out to be nice to me! :) at first i was thinking it is something similar to The Da Vinci Code so what i have in mind is, boring. and true, the first 30 mins was quite bored. but soon, it became more exciting and each part leads to more and more expectation.

now, we are looking forward to Terminator Salvation and Night at The Museum II. not forgetting, TRANSFORMER II!!!!!


  1. Can you please tell me what is the drinks that you gals have ordered? I have to remember and avoid them also. I hate insomnia too.

  2. yan, erm, i'm not sure is it from the drinks ok. may be from their drinking water.. just suspect la..
    anyway, we had orange mixed pineapple juice.

  3. Hmm... so you finally agreed with me - Angels & Demons rock!

  4. yvonne, yea, this movie certainly got my vote! unexpectedly.

  5. time u dun go there order drinks d lor....
    okok...then i shall plan "Angel & Demons" in my movie list...din watch yet...

  6. ivy, yes u should. i think its ok for me..


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