Thursday, May 28, 2009

Too lazy to think for a title

I'm so running outta things to blog these days... :\
i do have one thing to share though. as you have already know that i'm engaged for like 4 months already? and many are asking the same question which is when will i have my actual wedding ceremony? i am really speechless on this question :S
but last night, darl called and given us 4 different dates to chose. 2 of them fall on Saturday and the other 2 on Sunday. we agreed to held our wedding on Sunday so we are left with 2 dates only. i shall keep you updated once we have confirm the date. but one thing for sure, it will definetely be NEXT YEAR (2010)!
actually i was hoping to arrange the date in early 2010, as it will be still in 2009 Lunar calendar, which is also Ox year. as i've heard, its not very encouraged to get marry in the year of Tiger(which is 2010). uhm, i have no idea how true is this, i'm not so expert on this kinda superstitious beliefs. but since the sifu has actually set the dates based on our 时辰八字(birth dates) i think we should not worry too much.
loads of preparations are awaiting us. i guess the following months will be rather busy for us =__="


  1. wow~finally the rather date was out...congratulations yaaa!!!
    since it will be next year, then you have more time to's good!!
    hopefully everything will going smoothly and wish u all the best!
    Stay happy always...

  2. evelyn, yea! finally we got the date fixed..
    thanks my dear!! you too ya ;)

  3. Sunday. Good. But I hope it's not 29 May 2010! Cos I'll be in KL for another reception with my relatives. (^^,)

  4. wai leng, dont worry, it wont be this date ;)

  5. Since the date is suggested by the professional, you shouldn't worry so much. Just get yourself prepare for the big day.

  6. yan, yes, i think i better focus on the preparation.. ;)
    cryst, yes wo, i heard from those elderly la, Tiger year not so good. @__@

  7. Congratulations!!! Happy for you! Even will be busy preparing but i'm sure u r happy with it. hope n ur future husband sweet n loving always!!!

  8. yoong, thank u!!
    btw, i'm also waiting for ur good news leh... :p

  9. Sounds great, everything is going on smoothly. Hmm... how come tiger year no good le?

  10. irene, i dont know ler.. just heard from people.. :S

  11. Wow! Phewit! At last.. after long! Do keep me update ya...see IF i'm around I can drop by.... hehee....

  12. ivy, of cos will keep u all updated.. dont worry.


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