Monday, May 4, 2009

Us and Tpg Sentral

The girls came back last weekend. our meeting venue was suppose to be at Old Town. but it was fully occupied that time. so we switched over to McD. then to Old Town again, which later on joined by SL and friends.
i agreed the hottest spot in Tpg now is probably Tpg Sentral, especially weekend. i swear i go there at least thrice a week. no more pubs or clubbing for us now. age oh age.... something which terrifies us =__=
sometimes we hang around there with no purpose i wonder why. it could be a shame as we are no longer teens. only teens will do such things like lepak-ing around..

AS and me

Sam and me

finally the nicest one! after several failed attempts.. its hard to get someone you dont know to take photo for you...

the pretty girls
not many photos that night. and i'm still waiting for the rest of them from GH. sometimes it feels so good to catch up with one another once a while.. we got so much to share and laugh! this is what i called FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!


  1. wah! hang out better than clubbing la...clubbing bad bad... no good for health...and you getting old

  2. ivy, yea i know u dont have to remind me that i'm old T_____T
    yalo, go yum char better.. but if Tpg have more cafes then it would be perfect!!

  3. la..u old then I ma si older than u? :P
    erm....go to the usual one...then become member....then get more discounts

  4. ivy, no such things leh. no member application and no discount =(

  5. Hi Hayley,

    can i reply at this post? Hehe. I know it's not related to the post.'s kinda scary if you dont know how to swim and u dont wanna miss that snorkeling. Most of them dont even know how to swim either but they r just so daring to jump down directly from the boat and not walking down from the stair! thats just so brave of them. Those beach boys will go out to the sea with you. For your info, just don't let them bring u or guide u for snorkeling coz they have other intentions. You can ask ur friends to guide you. =) it'll be fun! Anyway, hope u have fun during this trip. You gonna love it. =)


  6. evelyn, hi there! thanks for the infor!
    dont worry, my hubby will be with me. i know i'm gonna have fun!


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