Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend with the gang

Had the most productive weekend!! ;)
Saturday: came to work in the morning, went for Mother's day celebration in the afternoon, went to the gym, did facial and manicure, went Tony's 'pre wedding' night
Sunday:woke up early and headed to Cherry's house, witnessed the detailed process of a chinese wedding ceremony, took a fine nap in the afternoon, went for Tony's wedding dinner, continued the second round of beers/ liquor.

see? i rarely become this hardworking during weekend. their wedding is something we all looking forward to. and finally its over now! and now i have officially developed a phobia of marriage!

i know, i used to hear alot of people saying how troublesome it is on getting married. its like we must get all the things prepared like, a year in advance? or more.

it was so HOT during the 2 days of Tony's wedding.. but we would never hope it rains during this time cause people say, if it rains during your wedding it means you are a stingy man!! :D anyway, i was damn tired. of cause, the bride and bridegroom were even tired. but they look absolutely stunning!! i wonder how much beers/liqour had we indulged for the passed 2 days? but i can see the boy was very happy, as if its his own wedding night. lol.

ok, proper updates soon! and pictures! promise! n___n


  1. wow~ such happy and joyful weekend! so great~~~
    so when is ur turn to having the ceremony? :p

  2. evelyn, as i've mentioned, i am afraid of it already.. too many things to prepare/do.. =___=
    anyway, i dont know when yet... but definetely will update in this blog once i know..

  3. hehe...
    looking forward to ur wedding har =P

  4. meow, ya ok.. not knowing when exactly.. let's wait and see..

  5. haha...ur boy very han wan marry u d la....hehehe.....

  6. ivy, haiyah, he want kids only la.. so selfish ho.

  7. hayley, u not like kid? I think ur boy not only like kid, he want build a happiness family with u mah~ so u should happy!!! :D

  8. evelyn, of cause i love kids!! but i'm not ready to be a mummy yet. we must plan to make sure the children are fine.
    yea, i'm glad that he likes kids. so that he can look after them while i go out 'wet'. hahaha =p

  9. hahaha...wait til u b mummy is different story d lor...he want kids hor...kakakaka....then u b prepared lor...

  10. ivy, i will be prepared. but not now. haha.


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