Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sushi ichiban!

Another food session this weekend! :D

last week was cupcakes + pudding bread and this time, my all time favourite, SUSHI!! the last time we made sushi was like, 2 years ago?? and that was the very first time for everyone, we didnt had much varieties as Taiping's market has a very limited stocks.

apparently, we made only prawns and crabsticks sushi

this time, we are planning to do more! but still, stocks are very hard to get here. we shopped the whole Tesco and Giant last Sunday but couldnt find much sushi ingredients. i really have the urge of driving to JJ this Saturday cause i know it definetely has everything.
this round, i decided to do Tamago sushi. searched for the steps of making and realise actually its quite easy to do, provided we have all the ingredients needed.

what you need for Tamago:
4 eggs, 3 tsp of mirin, 2 tsp soy sauce, 2 tsp sugar and a rectangular pan.

1 - Mix everything together and whisk them.
2 - Heat a little oil in rectangular pan, then add the tamago batter, 1 cm deep.
3 - After 2-3 min, when the bottom of the omelet turns brownish, use a spatula to fold the omelet twice, first from the closer edge of the pan towards the middle, and then towards the far edge. There's no need to flip the omelet, just fold it. Even if its upper side seems uncooked before folding, the "inner layers" will get done by the end of the process
4 - Now oil the pan again (or not, depends if you prefer it crispy or oil free) and add another batch of tamago batter. Notice that the batter you have just added should touch the omelet you folded in the previous step.
5 - Repeat steps 2-3, until you run out of tamago batter.
6 - Now that your omelet is ready, place it on a dry cutting surface, and slice it into 2 cm-thick slices.

*source from here*

now, who can borrow me a rectangular pan?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Massage me

All i'm asking, is a relaxing body massage. right now.
like this.

only a half day of factory tour and i'm dead tired :( thats the power of aging.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend project - Cup cakes!

I was chatting with Crystal last week and we decided to do something together over the weekend. this time, we tried baking our own cup cakes!! :D

got up early Saturday morning and went hiking with the girls. next, headed to Lian Thong for our egg toast craving!

their self made plum juice! we even tapao 3 packs back home! ;)

the best-est egg toast i've taste so far.. top with some pepper and soy sauce, yummay~(p/s: uncle why dint you open on Sundays?? T__T)

we shared this big bowl of prosperous mee(鸿图面). also yummy~

ok, so its time for the cup cake session.
the ingredients needed.
mix 225g of castor sugar and 225g of butter and beat them until they are even. next, add in 4 eggs one by one and 225g of self raising flour and repeat the beating. make sure the mixture are completely blended. for more flavor, add in strawberry/vanilla/pandan essence and choco chips. then pour them equally into the cups. make sure the mixture do not cover more than half the cup to prevent them from overflowing during the baking. after 20 minutes of baking, decorate your cup cakes as you like!! its that simple!
we dint have any cake mixing machine. so, hands play an important role!! keep beating and beating... for more taste, we added in strawberry essence and choco chips!

almost there....

in the making.. the white cream is the whipping cream which acted as the top icing, which is quite easy to make and delicious. but damn fattening too :(
p/s: watch the baking if you can, its fun!

besides cup cakes, we made pudding bread too. tear a loaf of bread into a bowl, melt some butter and pour them over the bread. then mix with 2 glasses of milk and 4 eggs. put them into the owen for about 30 mins and viola, yummy pudding bread!!

our final products!! use your own creativity to decorate the cup cakes. sprinkle more colored rice if you want to!

damn satisfied. our first time baking cup cakes and it turns out totally okay! if you dont like topping, just eat them like a normal plain muffin.

the whole session took about 2 hours+. the time would be shorter if you have a blending machine and bigger owen. Crystal's was small so we separate the baking into 3 rounds.
so, what's next girls? ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Redang day two and lessons learnt

Continuous of the Redang trip!
the activities for the second day were also snorkelling. got up early to have breakfast and the boats brought us all to Marine park, one of the famous snorkelling venue at Redang.

our room's balcony. apparently the right ones was where the girls stayed and the left ones belongs to the boys.

before the departure to marine park, Angeline, darl and i were looking for the underwater camera like crazy. Laguna hotel dint provide this facility so we ran to Redang Bay resort to look for one. too bad, all were rented out :'( and we kept searching from one resort to the next but to no avail. the time was already 9.35am, we were told to wait at the jetty at 9.30am to marine park. so, 3 of us jogged like real athletes. great one! healthy early morning exercise for us =__="

lesson learnt- DO rent the camera the minute you reach the island (unless you have your own)

us before the jogging session starts

all of us!

at the marine park.. we found this starfish shaped-like rock underneath

all of us again! the waves were quite heavy this morning.. all swimmed like mad

left the place 2 hours later, with no underwater photos T___T

after lunch, we went for snorkelling again. this was the most disappointed trip. the sea is very very deep. we hardly see any fishes/corals, unless we dive :S

since this is the last day, we fully utilised the pool! went to the pool for a while then next proceed to the beach in the evening. wanted to play banana boat but booking was all FULL too! what a pathetic trip for us?

lesson learnt- DO book for the games the minute you reach the island (unless you dont plan to play)

our sexy back

jump shot!! you have no idea how long it takes for us to capture a perfect jump shot.

beach volleyball! our volleyball (which we bought from tesco earlier on) burst after the first hit. so we joined a group of youngsters and played together.

all of us (again) at the last night! souvernis are quite expensive here. nevertheless we still managed to get something for ourselves.



getting my temporary tatoo. the guy said this will last for a week but its only 3 days for me! :(

woke up real early on the third day as our boat ride was at 7am.
beautiful sunrise, i miss you......

we boarded the bus and reached home after 12 hours =__="

lesson learnt- DO NOT go by bus unless you stay within Terengganu area

-ok the end-

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformer tonight!

I know some of you had already watched this.. but at least i know i'm still ahead of other people.. :D

bought 19 tickets since last Saturday (yea damn kiasu i know) and they gave me 4 RM50 Firefly vouchers, which make no use to me at all. the validity period is until this Nov only and i am NOT going any vacation within these period T___T but if your are, just letmi know i'll probably just give away the vouchers! *wink*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Redang day one (14.06.09)

I know i havent blog about it! but perhaps some of you already lost that passion already@__@ anyway, i'll do a quick one ok!

so 8 of us boarded the Hoye Holidays bus at Simpang at 12am on Saturday(13/6). as the driver used the old highway so it took us approximately 7 hours to reach Merang jetty. i did not sleep well as the bus was too noisy and bumpy. from there, we changed bus and proceed to Shah Bandar jetty which is about 1 hour away. we quickly got ourselves registered at the counter once we reached Shah Bandar jetty and our boat ride was supposed to start at 9.45am.

in the bus

after 90 minutes of boat ride, we finally arrived at Laguna resort!! friendly hotel staffs greeted everyone with a nice icy sour plum juice and a short briefing of our itinerary. before the rooms are available for check in, we had the buffet lunch at the dining hall. fyi, the package we signed up is inclusive of to and fro bus ride, 2 rooms(with 4 beds), 3 snorkelling trips, 2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinner. basically we didnt have to spend money already, except for buying souvenirs, renting the life jacket and mask(RM10 per item) and ticket for snorkelling at marine park(RM5 per person). we paid about RM600 each for the trip, which is inclusive of hotel stay and transportation.

beautiful Redang

our first snorkelling trip was at the.. erm, middle of the sea =__= there were a total of 5 big boats that fetched us all to the sea. each snorkelling trip last for 2 hours. evening time was all about own activities. we went snorkelling again at somewhere nearby the resort, which was recommended by the staffs. there were a lot of nice and colorful corals there even at the shallow level. also, alot of fishes of different size and color. we even saw baby sharks! breads are available at the recreation center and you can feed them! just put the bread in your hand and they will come to you naturally! these fishes are friendly and daring and they wont bite!

the only girls in the trip

while waiting for our snorkelling trip

at the more more tea inn and in the boat

dinner for that night was BBQ-style. the food were ok and there were different varieties for every meal. after dinner, we walked around the beach and took some photos. we went to the famous blue sand beach and amazing enough, the sand turns blue when you rub your feet against it. we also heard that there are yellow corals at one part of the beach but too bad, we dint have luck that night.

us and our dinner!

hanging around at the beach

everyone went to bed early as we were all dead tired.
thats the fun yet short day one for us! stay tune for day two! ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Updates and movie review

Darl was working half day yesterday so i spent the whole morning on my own. went for a full whitening facial treatment at Cellnique which cost me blardy RM 288!! but since its my first time taking this treatment so there was a 40% discount.. how nice :) its a very relaxing treatment for the whole face (including eyes and lip) and neck. and at the end of the session, i failed to resist temptation i purchased a bottle of cleansing milk @__@ thats why people say, the easiest source of earning money is from a woman =__=

later that evening, we went to the cinema to catch this show,

i think this isnt a very famous movie, the cinema was only half full. the story line is so-so but there are alot of kan cheong parts. believe it or not i cant help but closed my eyes for certain scenes haha. there are quite a few censored parts though.
basically this is another horror movie similar to Eden Lake, where murdering and killing is the main attraction. its about a family of 3 going for a summer holiday by the lake and when Mari(Sara Paxton) met her friend (Paige) on a fine day, they were kidnapped by 3 bad guys which one of them is the prison escapee. Paige is killed due to her reluctant ness of cooperating with the guys and Mari was struggled and raped by the prison escapee. while Mari finally escaped and ran back to her parents, the 3 bad guys made their ways to the last house on the left and eventually received the consequences of their own action.

Rating: 3.5/5

now that i remember Sara Paxton is from the movie Aquamarine. no wonder she looks so familiar! she looks very sweet but is too skinny in the movie.

and now, i'm all set up for Transformer this Wednesday!! :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

There was a MPH book fair last week at Taiping Sentral. i took this opportunity to look for this book, as recommended by Pei Yoong few months ago.. loads of books were available but thank God i was able to search for this book. i grabbed it quickly once i saw it. the price is about RM30 only after 20% discount. what a worth!

i read the first few pages that night and already liking it!! :D no regret at all..

some excerpt in the book

*click to read*
this is so trueee!!

i will strongly recommend this book ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009


I got my first handphone during my Lower 6 time and it's a very very classic model, Nokia 3310. dont remember? here.

its a very bulky and heavy phone but back at that time, it was one of the most in phone already. dad bought it for me at the price RM600 ok! he bought from a friend who owns a handphone shop and i remembered no matter how we bargain with him, he die die also dint want to discount for us @__@ but now, i think even if you donate it to the beggar he wont want it also. lol. basically i dont like this phone cause its too heavy.

later on, when i met dear, he bought me another Nokia phone. i forgot whats the model, i googled this morning but hell its so hard to search for something when we dont have any idea about it at all. the phone is white and orange in color and it has a special function where you can write words on the screen using the pencil (something similar to touchscreen but not that canggih yet) anyone know what model is this?
same as the 3310, this phone is heavy too. i think i used that for only 1 year.

after 2 years of supporting Nokia, i opted for something new, Samsung Z500.

i like this phone personally cause i got to camwhore and i think i used it for more than 3 years. its quite user friendly. but since its a foldable phone so the joint get loose very easily. though its a great phone but too bad, it went malfunction later on so i got myself another new phone.

Sony Ericsson k700i, this is said to be very lady-like and strongly recommended by my friends. this is one of my favourite phone too! the only weakness is, the push button in the middle. if you used this before or is using now you will know what i mean. i even heard that someone was fed up with the keypad until he plugged out the whole button. haha. hmm, so another excuse to get a new phone!!

this is the current phone that i'm using, Sony Ericsson w910i. also the first slide phone in my life! i think i started to like Sony's models. its lighter and slimmer than Nokia's and more feminine-like. the only regret i have is, its black in color. i dont know why but when i first saw the release, there were only 2 colors available which are red and black. red is too sharp for me and black is too common. in the end, i took black. now i think there are white and bronze color too.
so far, this is my favourite phone. but who knows, perhaps i will change another one soon? ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to reality

*Edit: more photos at my FB!*

One word to describe the trip - AWESOME!!
Redang is a real nice place. we enjoyed ourselves very much there despite the hotness.. we even planned to extend our stay there!
however, we realised that a bus ride is a waste of time. it took us about 10 hours to reach Merang jetty. so, lesson learnt. no more bus ride next time!
but, sunburn and dehydration is what i'm having now.. T__T its time for a fine facial, body whitening and hair treatment now.

p/s: pictures soon! :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Stubborn man

I hate stubborn man! i hate drivers like that!
i was driving to Tai Or hawker center to fetch mum and dad last night. the new lane beside the place is always full with ILLEGAL side parkings. when i ALMOST drove passed the lane, a stupid dont-know-what-car came from opposite direction. the road was already very occupied only ONE car can drive through. we both stucked in there for like 3 minutes? i was waiting for him to reverse and give way but too bad he dint. he was waiting for me to give way too! wtf! but i had passed like, half of the road already ok! how can he expect me to reverse all the way back!

ok, letmi first give you an illustration of the situation.
sorry drawing very lousy i know
you see, i was already more than half way through the road.. he should be the one who give way!! but after battling for few minutes, i gave up =( i reversed all the way back >=(
and most importantly, people should not just park their cars at the side like that! its illegal and its a real blockage to the traffic. why are those people so selfish!!
but nvm, i told myself. perhaps those people are what we call bo tak chek. so, i should just forgive them. *self convinced*
ok cut the anger. i know i should be happy as i'm going Redang in about 34 hours!! whee~
i should just take things easy and chill out and imma bring like 10 bottles of sun block there lol...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend trip

As promised!
so 4 of us left home at about 7am last Saturday and headed Ipoh to fetch Vinnie, also to Meng Kok to have dim sum. freaking loads of people already when we reached.. it's always full house in there =__=""

due to darl's speeding skill, we reached PJ very early. dropped off Angeline and her mum at SS2 and since we have 2 more hours to kill before meeting my Uni mates, we went IKEA to steal some design ideas ;p

ordered one chocolate brownie to share as everyone had taken their lunch already. this cake was also meant for Vinnie's belated birthday and PerngLing's birthday this Saturday! (we are not stingy ok! we just dont feel like eating more)

top l-r: MeeYen, me, PerngLing
bottom l-r: Vinnie, SweeKean

our meeting was short yet it was fun! we shared alot of stories it's so nice to catch up with each other. its been about a year++ already since i last met them.

sorry if i dint manage to meet the rest of you... it was a rush trip for me.. but dont worry, i'm sure we'll meet up again, soon!

dinner was at Pantai seafood restaurant(水上人家) at Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara. as what the name sounds, it's situated in a kampung-liked place. but the restaurant is big enough for car parks and tables. we waited about 15 mins for our seats..

in the end, we ordered 1 alaska king crab(which weight at 2kg++), 4 oysters(raw style and cheesebaked style), 'soon hock' fish (aka nam ko), pantai chicken(一桶鸡), and asparagus with scallops

total bill, RM780!! just the alaska crab alone already cost us RM400++ =__="" darl paid for it but had claim back that money from FIL. how good....

next, Apartment cafe at the Curve.

top l-r: Esther, HueyLee, Karyean
bottom l-r: Vinnie, me, Angeline, Cat

went for shopping the next day! apparently there were no photos that day cause we were too occupied with shopping! :D

i'm counting down again now.. 3 more days to the breakaway trip. cant wait cant wait!!!