Monday, June 1, 2009

1st June 2009


2 expected events this month!

KL this weekend and Redang's next! :D

half of 2009 is over but i dont feel anything happening. but one thing thats really irritates is the AGE! =__= must learn how not to age so fast. lol.

anyway, some random photos last weekend. one thing we really regret is the wrong choice of venue. actually there's a newer K at Tpg Sentral but dont know why we went to the old Newbox. toilets are veryy dirty and no water suppliment in the beginning (yaicks!) audio system died on us and hang several times especially when darl and i were so much indulged in our duets (he hardly sing with me ok!) i think we had no fate in singing together wtf. and WORST of all, the room next to us was actually a disco, with loud 'feng tau' songs and uncles and a few 'china bicycles' =___="" so guys, no more next time at Newbox ok!

he always liddat. cannot sit and pose properly >=(

the May newly wed

haha what do you have in mind when you see this photo? :p
watched Terminator yesterday and i am pretty disappointed :( its not as good as expected and what the media had said. not much big actions in this and funny enough, i think Marcus (Sam Worthington) should be the lead actor, instead of John Connor (Christian Bale).
its Monday and its time to survive the blueness >.<


  1. You didn't go feng tau in the other room? :)

  2. irene, of cause no!! i hate that in fact. sound pollution and so unhealthy.

  3. I been there once time before~not really like the environment too...especially the toilet...=='
    the audio system super lousy too...
    for malay, i think the standard is just can be that...haizzzzz

  4. evelyn, yea, its getting lau beh there.. sigh..
    lucky we had another better choice at Tpg Sentral.

  5. irene, there is not redbox or greenbox here in tpg. only newbox and k box.


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