Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For you my friends...

I know you girls are eager to see the photos. hehe. so i uploaded two, temporarily(must keep the suspend going ma...) gimme some time so that i can resize the photos and update in here ok! at the mean time, you can view the rest at my FB.

my camera's quality is not bad hor? :p

oh by the way, tagged you girls in FB too!! ^___^


  1. evelyn, what not bad? our look? ngek ngek :p

  2. i mean the camera's quality...ok?!hahahaaaaa...joke only hor, dont be serious yaaa~i mean all also not bad...the quality, the look, the smile...all were PERFECT!!! :)

  3. evelyn, haha. yea of cause i know you are joking ;)
    anyway, thanks!! *blush*

  4. Nice photos. Not because of your camera's quality, but because you are beautiful!


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