Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting ready

We have approximately 9 months to our wedding date. the date is set (its 14032010), venue is booked(Flamingo Hotel), what's next? Darl's bedroom will be renovated soon. it will be expanded to a certain size and everything need to be design all over again.

so we bought and borrowed some interior design magazines lately.

i have only 2 main concerns, the dressing table and wardrobe ;)

my ideal wardrobe will look something like this:

it has a different room, open and must be large enough to allocate both of our clothes!! so that i'll have more reasons to SHOPPING!! :D

however, i still cant find any nice dressing tables on the internet. but i do spotted some designs in the magazines already.
short note: will be heading off to Ipoh and KL early tomorrow morning. cant wait to meet up with my Freya members!!
do enjoy your weekend! ^0^


  1. Since you are going to KL, just drop by IKEA. I'm sure you can find a lot of good stuffs there. Last time we spent 6 hours a day and 2 trips there, when we moved in to our new home. Only that our car was too small, otherwise we would buy even more from IKEA.

  2. I love IKEA's design. Can steal the idea and apply here and there. Talking about wardrobe, my husband won't change a single renovation which involves $$. Ceh! I'm stuck with the out-dated and small-spaced wardrobe.

  3. yan, i hope i'll have extra times to drop by IKEA la.. how good if Monday is a holiday so that i dont have so rush like that. :S
    yvonne, then u change a new one for yourself only la. hehe. let him use the old one. lol.

  4. wow~sound great yaaaaa~
    then ur turn to start busy le lor~
    wish u all the best yaa~
    p/s:I like the wardrobe that u show~how pity that my wardrobe not that kind of special~:(

  5. evelyn, thanks.
    yea those wardrobe looks so cool right!

  6. Oooo... wow! Congrats 1st... ur house must be big enough if u want those open wardrobe... lol.. enjoy your weekend!

  7. Err.... btw where is Flamingo Hotel?

  8. ivy, not my house.. my hubby ones. hehe. thanks oo~
    yvonne, so near your house leh.. the lake garden hotel lo..

  9. Oh yes, these wardrobes are nice. Very classy look. :)

  10. irene, yeah!! so nice ho...

  11. So, which wardrobe design you are going to go for?

  12. Congratulations Hayley! Looks like your date is set very much earlier than me. Anyway, since your wedding is in Taiping I sure won't need accommodation (^^,) - can arrive within 1 hour.

  13. Oh wait~
    Hayley, I forgot to ask you if you got pantang or not? Cos I come to know that some brides pantang on her wedding day other brides-to-be or newly weds cannot attend (old folks say it brings bad luck to the new bride). For me, I don't believe in such things (neither does my family) so it's no problem. But I guess it's best you confirm with your family first just in case. (^^,)

  14. wai leng, yea i heard such thing also. well then i need to ask my parents and in laws.


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