Friday, June 19, 2009


I got my first handphone during my Lower 6 time and it's a very very classic model, Nokia 3310. dont remember? here.

its a very bulky and heavy phone but back at that time, it was one of the most in phone already. dad bought it for me at the price RM600 ok! he bought from a friend who owns a handphone shop and i remembered no matter how we bargain with him, he die die also dint want to discount for us @__@ but now, i think even if you donate it to the beggar he wont want it also. lol. basically i dont like this phone cause its too heavy.

later on, when i met dear, he bought me another Nokia phone. i forgot whats the model, i googled this morning but hell its so hard to search for something when we dont have any idea about it at all. the phone is white and orange in color and it has a special function where you can write words on the screen using the pencil (something similar to touchscreen but not that canggih yet) anyone know what model is this?
same as the 3310, this phone is heavy too. i think i used that for only 1 year.

after 2 years of supporting Nokia, i opted for something new, Samsung Z500.

i like this phone personally cause i got to camwhore and i think i used it for more than 3 years. its quite user friendly. but since its a foldable phone so the joint get loose very easily. though its a great phone but too bad, it went malfunction later on so i got myself another new phone.

Sony Ericsson k700i, this is said to be very lady-like and strongly recommended by my friends. this is one of my favourite phone too! the only weakness is, the push button in the middle. if you used this before or is using now you will know what i mean. i even heard that someone was fed up with the keypad until he plugged out the whole button. haha. hmm, so another excuse to get a new phone!!

this is the current phone that i'm using, Sony Ericsson w910i. also the first slide phone in my life! i think i started to like Sony's models. its lighter and slimmer than Nokia's and more feminine-like. the only regret i have is, its black in color. i dont know why but when i first saw the release, there were only 2 colors available which are red and black. red is too sharp for me and black is too common. in the end, i took black. now i think there are white and bronze color too.
so far, this is my favourite phone. but who knows, perhaps i will change another one soon? ;)


  1. o.O I remembered Nokia 3310. It accompanied me from year, erm, 2001 to 2004. Bulky and heavy are 2 best words to describe it.

    DH found it on the floor in a net cafe, slipped into his pocket & presented it to me. &*^%&* lost & found item. And I used it for 3 years! OMG!

  2. yvonne, wah... so lucky ar? lost and found item.. not bad wert, used for 3 years..

  3. The hottest phone right now should be iPhone 3G S, get it la, very good le.

  4. irene, of cause everyone wants an iPhone... but, money is a big concern! for me la... :S


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