Saturday, June 20, 2009

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus

There was a MPH book fair last week at Taiping Sentral. i took this opportunity to look for this book, as recommended by Pei Yoong few months ago.. loads of books were available but thank God i was able to search for this book. i grabbed it quickly once i saw it. the price is about RM30 only after 20% discount. what a worth!

i read the first few pages that night and already liking it!! :D no regret at all..

some excerpt in the book

*click to read*
this is so trueee!!

i will strongly recommend this book ;)


  1. Do get the other books from the same authors "Why men don't listen & women can't read maps" and "Why men lie & women cry".

    Really great books!

  2. Oh wait... not the same author, my mistake. Sorry, they are from Allan & Barbara Pease.

  3. yvonne, oo.. perhaps let me finish reading this one first.. hehe. anyway, thanks for the recommendation.

  4. yaya, it's a great book.. im now reading "Mars and Venus Together Forever" - for committed relationship.. also from John Gray. you shd try reading too, i benefit a lot from it.. ;)

    and nice meeting u the other day! HAHA although i was in a rush.. :P

  5. cryst, yeah! i recognised your dad 1st.. hehe. then only realised it was u.. ;)

  6. A book that we can't miss, when we are in a relationship. Have read it long time ago, I guess I need to refresh my memory, as I've forgotten most of them. Hehehe. May be you can help me to refresh the best part of it after you have read it.

  7. yan, yeah. i think i will share the meaningful and useful parts once i read them.

  8. how come u recognise my dad instead of me... *hurt*


  9. cryst, aiseh.. bcos ur dad cute ma. lol.
    ok dont worry, next time i sure look for YOU 1st ok!

  10. is indeed a good it a few years back under a recommendation of my friend...he told me: you will nod when you keep reading...which is quite
    You must ask ur Darl to read as that he know what you are thinking... :)

  11. ivy, i doubt so. he's not into books reading. only into comics and animation cartoons. *sweat*


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