Friday, June 26, 2009

Redang day two and lessons learnt

Continuous of the Redang trip!
the activities for the second day were also snorkelling. got up early to have breakfast and the boats brought us all to Marine park, one of the famous snorkelling venue at Redang.

our room's balcony. apparently the right ones was where the girls stayed and the left ones belongs to the boys.

before the departure to marine park, Angeline, darl and i were looking for the underwater camera like crazy. Laguna hotel dint provide this facility so we ran to Redang Bay resort to look for one. too bad, all were rented out :'( and we kept searching from one resort to the next but to no avail. the time was already 9.35am, we were told to wait at the jetty at 9.30am to marine park. so, 3 of us jogged like real athletes. great one! healthy early morning exercise for us =__="

lesson learnt- DO rent the camera the minute you reach the island (unless you have your own)

us before the jogging session starts

all of us!

at the marine park.. we found this starfish shaped-like rock underneath

all of us again! the waves were quite heavy this morning.. all swimmed like mad

left the place 2 hours later, with no underwater photos T___T

after lunch, we went for snorkelling again. this was the most disappointed trip. the sea is very very deep. we hardly see any fishes/corals, unless we dive :S

since this is the last day, we fully utilised the pool! went to the pool for a while then next proceed to the beach in the evening. wanted to play banana boat but booking was all FULL too! what a pathetic trip for us?

lesson learnt- DO book for the games the minute you reach the island (unless you dont plan to play)

our sexy back

jump shot!! you have no idea how long it takes for us to capture a perfect jump shot.

beach volleyball! our volleyball (which we bought from tesco earlier on) burst after the first hit. so we joined a group of youngsters and played together.

all of us (again) at the last night! souvernis are quite expensive here. nevertheless we still managed to get something for ourselves.



getting my temporary tatoo. the guy said this will last for a week but its only 3 days for me! :(

woke up real early on the third day as our boat ride was at 7am.
beautiful sunrise, i miss you......

we boarded the bus and reached home after 12 hours =__="

lesson learnt- DO NOT go by bus unless you stay within Terengganu area

-ok the end-


  1. wow! better take flight go redang...else take bus very very long....and also must rent the camera once reached there lor...^^ but it was a nice trip isn't it?

  2. ivy, yeah!despite all the 'kekurangan', its still a nice trip!! planning to go?? ;)

  3. I cant wait to be there anymore~the beach so nice!And i can feel that super super fun~Omg...perhaps can fly over NOW!!!

  4. evelyn, haha.. be patient.. time flies.. take this opportunity to get things all prepared lo.. remember bring more sunblocks and mosturisers!!!


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