Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Skin care

I squeezed my brain trying to think of something to write today.
yesterday, someone from the next department asked me do i put on foundation when i come to work and what brand do i use. i told her i use Lancome Teint Idole Ultra. she was then keen to know more like 'how big is the bottle? how much? how do you know if it suits your skin?' bla bla bla.. in the end, she said wow it really makes ALOT of difference ya when you apply foundation and when you're not =__=" actually i dont mind to share on what kinda products that i use but the way she said irritated me a little. i think she was trying to tell me (indirectly) that i look very bad without my make up :( fyi, i do put on a sheer layer of foundation everyday when i come to work. but i personally think that it makes no big difference whether i put it on or not. i wonder when did she see me without my foundation?! anyway, i'm an optimist so i shouldnt mind about it!

ok back to the topic. face is the most important feature for a girl so i reckon we should get ourselves some suitable skin care products. so for this reason i use Cellnique's. i tried their first facial about a year ago and i kinda like it! the beauticians are all friendly and services are pretty good too!
this is the toner that i use twice a day. moisturises my skin well and it smells nice too!

skin purifying lotion, it helps to get rid of oil seeds especially those on my forehead

skin action sebum gel, which is one of their hot selling product. it helps to soften the blackheads on my nose and to prevent them from growing more, which really works for me!
bio renewal masque is their best selling product. it has a nice pineapple smell and it works as a scrub and masque at the same time! save my time!! ;)

skin purifying masque, which helps to lighten the red spots everytime after facial. it also helps to reduce excess oil from the skin

this is the latest product i bought. intensive soothing and hydrating masque. i purposely bought it for the Redang trip next week! it's good at treating sunburn skin.
Cellnique products are quite friendly for my skin but they are rather expensive @__@ most of the products range from a minimum of RM109. but if they are working fine for me then its worth to invest on them!
what about you? what type of skin care products do you use?


  1. i thinking of trying cellnique too! i read lotsa good review abt it..anyway tpg got cellnique ar? currently im using the sebum gel and it works wonder!

  2. cryst, yeah of cause! it's situated at the same row with 'kaka' kopitiam. you really can give it a try!
    irene, indeed it is! ;)

  3. i currently using cellnique sebum gel also.
    it's work for me

  4. celine, really.. its good right? though its abit expensive..

  5. Cellnique is quite ex ler....not really that into it... hehe.... I'm using Amway Hydrating set far so good as long as you go for your monthly facial to clear all dirt... keke...

  6. ivy, but Amway products also seems expensive ler. hehe.
    but whatever it is, as long as the products suit our skin type, then its good to invest on them...

  7. I use Biotherm products and it suits me. But it's also quite expensive. Anyway, my face very oily and sensitive. So I don't use makeup or end up with plenty of pimples...

  8. wai leng, hmm, sensitive skin is abit troublesome.. luckily u ve found the suitable brands.

  9. wow u tried so many mask from cellnique. So how often u use them?
    ~purifying mask
    ~bio cell renewal mask
    ~hydrating soothing


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