Friday, June 12, 2009

Stubborn man

I hate stubborn man! i hate drivers like that!
i was driving to Tai Or hawker center to fetch mum and dad last night. the new lane beside the place is always full with ILLEGAL side parkings. when i ALMOST drove passed the lane, a stupid dont-know-what-car came from opposite direction. the road was already very occupied only ONE car can drive through. we both stucked in there for like 3 minutes? i was waiting for him to reverse and give way but too bad he dint. he was waiting for me to give way too! wtf! but i had passed like, half of the road already ok! how can he expect me to reverse all the way back!

ok, letmi first give you an illustration of the situation.
sorry drawing very lousy i know
you see, i was already more than half way through the road.. he should be the one who give way!! but after battling for few minutes, i gave up =( i reversed all the way back >=(
and most importantly, people should not just park their cars at the side like that! its illegal and its a real blockage to the traffic. why are those people so selfish!!
but nvm, i told myself. perhaps those people are what we call bo tak chek. so, i should just forgive them. *self convinced*
ok cut the anger. i know i should be happy as i'm going Redang in about 34 hours!! whee~
i should just take things easy and chill out and imma bring like 10 bottles of sun block there lol...


  1. Wish you have a nice holiday and weekend. Enjoy your trip. Take more pics to share.

  2. I consider my husband as one of the stubborn man T_T
    I always ask him to park in the designated slot, but he purposely like to break the rules -> "Rules are meant to be broken"

  3. yan, thanks!! i will! i hope i wont come back as an african. haha.
    yvonne, why are man like that?? they tend to do that especially if it is ILLEGAL. @__@

  4. Don't use sun block, show us your tanned skin let us envy you! Hahaha...

  5. 10 bottle of sunblock???! Wah! Ppl go sunbathing, U go do sunblock-bathing a? :P

    ya such driver ei lor...hate those ppl nia....

  6. irene, yea u can envy at me now as i'm tanned already T__T
    ivy, too bad, i dint use 10 bottles. only about 2 bottles. haha.


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