Monday, June 22, 2009

Updates and movie review

Darl was working half day yesterday so i spent the whole morning on my own. went for a full whitening facial treatment at Cellnique which cost me blardy RM 288!! but since its my first time taking this treatment so there was a 40% discount.. how nice :) its a very relaxing treatment for the whole face (including eyes and lip) and neck. and at the end of the session, i failed to resist temptation i purchased a bottle of cleansing milk @__@ thats why people say, the easiest source of earning money is from a woman =__=

later that evening, we went to the cinema to catch this show,

i think this isnt a very famous movie, the cinema was only half full. the story line is so-so but there are alot of kan cheong parts. believe it or not i cant help but closed my eyes for certain scenes haha. there are quite a few censored parts though.
basically this is another horror movie similar to Eden Lake, where murdering and killing is the main attraction. its about a family of 3 going for a summer holiday by the lake and when Mari(Sara Paxton) met her friend (Paige) on a fine day, they were kidnapped by 3 bad guys which one of them is the prison escapee. Paige is killed due to her reluctant ness of cooperating with the guys and Mari was struggled and raped by the prison escapee. while Mari finally escaped and ran back to her parents, the 3 bad guys made their ways to the last house on the left and eventually received the consequences of their own action.

Rating: 3.5/5

now that i remember Sara Paxton is from the movie Aquamarine. no wonder she looks so familiar! she looks very sweet but is too skinny in the movie.

and now, i'm all set up for Transformer this Wednesday!! :D


  1. wow~how good can enjoyed d relaxing treatment~ so envy~ U'r right... the easiest source of earning money is from a woman!!!Hahaaaa...

  2. evelyn, yeah.. everyone say so.. haiz.
    u too can enjoy this experience de..

  3. Wow, I think I need to get a full whitening facial treatment also but RM288...

  4. irene, yeah you should try it urself.. its really relaxing. erm, perhaps u can ask for discount?

  5. off a? so free to watch movie and do facial...keke....

  6. ivy, sunday ma.. of cos off lo... hehe.

  7. Yesterday we went to watch Monster vs Aliens 3D hohoho... nothing to shout about the movie. So so only, but my kid enjoy la. :)

    By the way, ask your opinion, what do you think of the apparels on my online boutique?

  8. irene, hmm.. to be honest, overall your clothes are not bad.. but abit expensive though i think. but i'm not sure, cos i havent seen the real material.


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