Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend project - Cup cakes!

I was chatting with Crystal last week and we decided to do something together over the weekend. this time, we tried baking our own cup cakes!! :D

got up early Saturday morning and went hiking with the girls. next, headed to Lian Thong for our egg toast craving!

their self made plum juice! we even tapao 3 packs back home! ;)

the best-est egg toast i've taste so far.. top with some pepper and soy sauce, yummay~(p/s: uncle why dint you open on Sundays?? T__T)

we shared this big bowl of prosperous mee(鸿图面). also yummy~

ok, so its time for the cup cake session.
the ingredients needed.
mix 225g of castor sugar and 225g of butter and beat them until they are even. next, add in 4 eggs one by one and 225g of self raising flour and repeat the beating. make sure the mixture are completely blended. for more flavor, add in strawberry/vanilla/pandan essence and choco chips. then pour them equally into the cups. make sure the mixture do not cover more than half the cup to prevent them from overflowing during the baking. after 20 minutes of baking, decorate your cup cakes as you like!! its that simple!
we dint have any cake mixing machine. so, hands play an important role!! keep beating and beating... for more taste, we added in strawberry essence and choco chips!

almost there....

in the making.. the white cream is the whipping cream which acted as the top icing, which is quite easy to make and delicious. but damn fattening too :(
p/s: watch the baking if you can, its fun!

besides cup cakes, we made pudding bread too. tear a loaf of bread into a bowl, melt some butter and pour them over the bread. then mix with 2 glasses of milk and 4 eggs. put them into the owen for about 30 mins and viola, yummy pudding bread!!

our final products!! use your own creativity to decorate the cup cakes. sprinkle more colored rice if you want to!

damn satisfied. our first time baking cup cakes and it turns out totally okay! if you dont like topping, just eat them like a normal plain muffin.

the whole session took about 2 hours+. the time would be shorter if you have a blending machine and bigger owen. Crystal's was small so we separate the baking into 3 rounds.
so, what's next girls? ;)


  1. WAH~ur cupcakes look so yummy!!!
    I WANT EAT~~~

  2. Still got any leftover today?

  3. Hayley, where is your order form? I want to order cup cakes and bread pudding from you. Look yummy really.

  4. evelyn, hehe.. they tasted not bad indeed...
    yvonne and yan, hmm, let me improve my skill and treat u all the next time ok!! it was my first time baking so dare not let you try :p

  5. wah...look yummy

  6. ops...forget to put my name..above comment is from me...haha

  7. ivy, next trip, courier to Penang for you! :D


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