Thursday, July 2, 2009

香蕉人 (banana man)

Of cause everyone know banana is a type of fruit in yellow which boost your energy and known to be able to make you happy and improve your mood.
but, it also refers to a person who cant read/write mandarin. i have no idea why people use the word 'banana', why not 'apple' or 'watermelon' or....??
i always thought i possess a chinese look and people will assume i know mandarin right away cause i used to speak mandarin very often. but sometimes, people are surprised that i know mandarin actually. they thought i'm one of the banana =__=" do i look like a banana? or perhaps my mandarin is not so good?

i was from TMGS(Treacher Methodist Girls School) but is doesnt means i dont know mandarin. hey at least i took Mandarin as my elective subject up to PMR level (this summarizes i have at least 9 years of mandarin education!)

i blog in english but it doesnt means i dont know mandarin. the reason why i always blog in english is because i find it whole lot easier to type in english, rather than pin yin. if pin yin is as easy as typing english, i wont mind to blog in mandarin at all! ;)

so the next time you see me, dont hesitate to talk to me in mandarin ok!



  1. sure...never have doubts on you that you don't know
    Totally agree with in mandarin is going to take me forever...especially when it comes to the same pin yin but different Chinese character..phew...I give up

  2. ivy, ya la. there are so many chinese characters le..

  3. I wonder to knew why is banana but not others too...after u find the answer then told me ohh! :)
    honestly, I tot u is "banana" girl too when 1st time knew u~Hahaha...erm, may be u blog in such good english and from TMGS~ after u read my blog and leave me a comment, i quite surprised and finally knew that u'r not banana~is muskmelon~ :p

  4. evelyn, so u r one of those people who doubt about me.. lol.
    but now u know i'm not a banana.. even though i love to eat banana ;)

  5. People thought I know mandarin because I can speak mandarin, but actually, I don't know any mandarin words. I'm from Convent school and tried to learn Mandarin from tuition class during primary school, but give up after a month of learning it, coz I found it too difficult! :P
    Hayley, you still remember Englebert? He is also a banana. That day he MSN me and copy&paste one Mandarin word to me and ask me to translate, then i told him, "Banana asking banana how to read Chinese word" LOL!!
    By the way, people said use "banana" instead of other fruits is because banana skin is yellow but inside is white, same as people who don't know mandarin, outside is yellow skin (Chinese) but inner is white (English).

  6. im oso curious to know y ppl wanna call the ppl whose donno eng as banana ppl.
    but 1st time saw u im feel tat u know chinese 1 , never hv doubts on tat u donno mandarin.....haha~

  7. yoong, ya seriously i thought you know chinese too when i knew u during Uni time.. yeah of cos i remember him.
    oo really? hmm that make sense huh.. yellow on the outside and white in the inside.. interesting!

    sherley, hello there!
    oo yeah! high 5! at least u thought i'm not a banana! ;)

  8. hey, if u blog in mandarin...i cannot understand!
    i'm banana...haha

  9. celine, i know u r a banana. haha :p
    so, i try not to blog in chinese that often la ok. ;)

  10. 香蕉人 (banana man) refers to the belief that some chinese people have about western people. That they are more hairy and therefore closer related to apes on the evolutionary ladder.


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