Friday, July 10, 2009

Being rejected

I'm just wondering anyone owns a HLB credit card?
I was being told this morning that EK's credit card application had been rejected :O what?! we waited more than a month and this is what we get? >=(
actually i called HLB KL branch last 2 weeks for a follow up. the guy who attended to me, erm.. sounded abit snobby i would say. i told him i called on behalf of my husband to ask about his cc application status. i made sure i had all of his information in hand (eg: IC number, address etc) just in case they need verification. too bad, he told me he would only speak to the applicant himself. i reconfirmed by saying that i have all the information but still, he wont entertain me
:( fine, may be its just their working policy and i totally respect that.
so few days ago i requested Theng to clarify for me as she is working at HLB Taiping. she called up and said the status was pending and could be rejected. everything seems so vague. anyway i did not mad at her because i understand she is not under credit card service line. so things remained silent until she confirmed with me the rejection this morning. the reason they gave is, WE DID NOT PROVIDE SUFFICIENT DOCUMENTS. but as of WHAT documents, i dont know. none of their staffs call EK until today.
well, all i can say is that, they are not professional enough. firstly, they promised the card to be approved within 2 weeks from the date we apply but look, its already more than a month now!secondly, even if they found out that we did not provide sufficient supporting documents they could just give us a ring earlier. but, NONE ALSO!
i told EK about this just now and he was kinda disappointed and mad and he decided to give up. luckily i did not encounter that with HSBC ;)
I think this is what people usually do. when they're persuading you to apply for one, they'll treat you like a king/queen and answer to any of your doubts and even promise you this and that. but once you agreed and they get the job, then that's it. they wont entertain for further complaint or comments. even if they do, they will just simply give you an excuse or some vague reasons.
yes, i think this is what happen these days... -___-


  1. totally angree on it!I very hate to talking with so call government staff~
    I ever face same problem with EON Bank.Firstly, when we apply for Home Loan, they treat us so good and so much benefit they promised us, such as will get credit card, Toshiba 26" LCD. But then, my credit card had been rejected till I duno what is the reason, I tot they say at 1st place that will definitely own it as our loan at 200K but then still been rejected.sigh* However, I'm not quite interested on it too so just let it be. As for the free LCD...we wait for about 2months then just have it (earlier promise was only need about amonth).Then, it not deliver to our hse but then need self-collect at the electric shop. I duno what kind of service it's and we faced attitude problems with the electric shop's faint!!So much troublesome when we going to enjoyed those so called "BENEFIT"~faint twice!!!

  2. evelyn, i think many people out there face the similar things :(
    perhaps its time for us to act like a real consumer and knowing our rights... but of cause, those staffs should always evaluate at their services and attitude!

  3. aiyo..those credit card ei sales persons are like that ei....really sien one...they just want to close sales only...but if your app got rejected...they won entertain u ei....cuz they no commission d they dun care la...kena b4...from Citybank...asked me send all d relevant doc for d cc application...but keep telling me d colour too dark...tat tim apply oso saja nia...just want d bennetton ei traveling bag..but too much ended up I mai apply d...hehe....

  4. No problem, ignore and forget them. Credit card can get anytime anywhere just make a trip to the nearest shopping center... credit card salesmen and salesgirls usually queue up to beg you to get one - so many banks for you to choose from. :)

  5. ivy, ya, all sorts of excuses given :/

    irene, for me, one is enough. so usually i just ignore those who come to approach. hehe.


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