Wednesday, July 15, 2009

False hallucination?

Suet Li mentioned in her blog last week about her strange dream. like everyone else, i commented and said it was just some hallucination due to tiredness.
last night, it happened on me :S i was in a state of half asleep and half awake (i think). suddenly i felt something/someone was pressing on me. i knew i was on my bed in my very own room and nobody else was in there. i tried to scream but i cant hear my voice; i tried to move my arms/legs but also failed. i swear i tried hell hard to move my body but that feeling was so strong!! after several failed attempts i started to pray 南无阿弥陀佛, repeatedly and it WORKS!! few seconds later i can feel my body and i quickly sat up and looked around the room.
it felt so real ok! i was tired even though my eyes were wide opened. i was still praying at this point just to calm myself down and to hopefully chase that feeling away. it took me a while to eventually fall asleep.
i know i'm not the only one who experience this and i know this is not the first time for me. i dont know why this thing happen and i always wonder whether that thing really exist?? if its not because of that thing then why did the feeling disappeared after i prayed?
i used to sleep alone and all lights must off. i think it'll be a challenge for me tonight :( i know i shouldnt think too much and just relax. but this thing had just happened so its still fresh in my mind. i just cant help T___T


  1. Hayley, what happened on you last night, which reminded me of the movie that I just watched a couple of days ago "第一诫". It was a horror movie stared by Shawn Yu and Ekin Cheng. Not sure you dare to watch it or not? But it somehow explained how the "thing" happened.

  2. yan, really?? erm, i think i dare to watch if i can find someone as a companion. :S

  3. erm, I ever had same dream before~frequently i were dream about thief!==' I can clearly knew he rummage my cupboards and the boxes, even come by me to take my handphone (normally my handset was besite my bed) and even come to touch were so scary...and the same, i try to move and scream but I failed too...I pray Omitofo at that time too and be awake!
    My family were saying that I over worry that about thief that's y i only will have this how it will happened, me also have no idea. haizzzzz

  4. i nv have tis kind experience.
    Choi choi choi, nv think to hv also.

  5. I had it 3 times.. twice at my previous home few years back and once in my home now, and when I was home alone somemore T__T damn scary.. me too started namo amitabha till i fell asleep.. not sure whether i was too tired or.. u know? :(

  6. evelyn, oo urs have some sort of 'story line'.. mine happened out of sudden :S

    sherley, ya, touchwood touchwood!! nobody want that this kinda experience...

    irene, yes it was :(

    cryst, haiz. really dont know what causes it. i hope it was just due to tiredness :(


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