Friday, July 24, 2009

Got lucky?

I received a call from Watson Taiping yesterday. the guy told me i won myself Maybelline eye shadow from the contest i joined last few weeks. not sure why but instict told me its not a scandal or what... so, i headed to Tesco last night and asked about it.

True! i won! haha :D fyi, i used to take part in contests and lucky draws but hardly win anything. i think i have no fate in winning free thing :/ (but yesterday was an exceptional case)

Maybelline Impact Express pencil shadow, in blue. i wish they could gimme some other color as i already had a blue highlighter at home. but since its FOC, so nvm! ^__^

its similar to eye shadow.. only that its way more convenient and easier to use compare to the normal eye shadow.

this is how the color looks like, without flash. it has some glittering effect too

i have yet to find out hows the effect. perhaps can post some review later!

p/s: the market price is about RM23


  1. Wow! Seem like everyone around me is being followed by Lady Luck. I must enrol myself in the next contest, any contest.

  2. yvonne, ya.. you should! who knows right?! ;)

  3. woowoo~so lucky leh!!!
    congratulations... ;)

  4. Congratulations! The eye shadow pencil looks so great.

  5. yan, yea.. but i havent try it out.. should be nice to use la..

  6. seen like u so lucky ler..
    tis sat can try buy 4d d~hehe^

  7. sherley, but i dun buy 4D one... hehe... :p

    celine, yea yea!!:D

  8. Cool! Is the eye shadow nice?

  9. ivy, yeah quite nice. but one thing not good is that the blue is quite shriking.. must match with other dark color lo, otherwise it'll look very not natural.


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