Friday, July 3, 2009

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the dinasours

Decided to watch this with the gang at the very last minute. i personally did not plan to watch this actually but since darl wanted to watch so i followed too.
end up with no regrets at all :D the movie was short, only about 90 minutes. this is good as it dint bore us, plus, everyone wanted to go home early and rest as today is still a working day.

The story
Scrat the squirrel is still going after the acorn nut and this time, he is joined by a female squirrel and thus, starting their fight and eventually fall in love ^__^ Manny and Ellie the mammoth are expecting their new born; Diego the tiger is deciding whether he should leave the crowd; Sid the sloth accidentally discovered 3 dino eggs and after stealing them, treated them like his own babies; Eddie and Crash joining the crowd too.
besides these characters, there is a new one called Buck, the weasel. he leads the crowd in the adventure of rescuing Sid from the dinasours land.

this movie is highly recommended for a good laugh. its witty we laughed all the way and the animation is fantastic!
rate: 3.5/5


  1. Sounds like a nice movie to relax for 90 minutes. :)

  2. irene, yeah.. can have a good laugh somemore. hehe.

  3. okok...going to watch 3D one! Yipee

  4. ivy, yeah! enjoy the movie!

  5. Plan to watch it tonite (no need to take care of little baby anymore, yahoo!).

    I love the 1st and 2nd movie too, at least I prefer Ice Age to Madagascar.

  6. yvonne, me too! i cant really remember Madagascar actually. lol.
    enjoy ur movie!


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