Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Office lunch time

Usually i will stay in during lunch time, to avoid the hot sun out there and also to save some $$. today, Lorita brought some salad ingredients and we made it as our lunch. this is quite an easy dish to do! quite healthy but slightly fattening i think =__= but nvm, since the fats were shared equally among 5 of us (Lorita, Yvonne, Yan, Angeline and me) so its fair! :p

apples, oranges, sliced carrots, tomatoes, eggs, nuts, macaroni and thousand island. erm, the duku langsat is our side dishes lol



why the boring face Lorita...
i had about 2 bowls of this and still feeling full right now.. :/
gotto sweat kao kao later during yoga.


  1. Don't worry la! All fruit and veggie, not much fat one. Somemore, you have slimed down so much already.

  2. looks simple but delicious =D
    i wana try out myself =P

  3. Wow, looks really nice. I guess I wanna try this someday in my office. :)

  4. kakak...cannot eat with thousand island...that is the most fattening ei... lol.. :P
    There is never enough for gals to keep fit, no matter how slim they are d.. lol

  5. yan, cannot leh, i think i put on some weight liao lo.. been eating more at night lately T_____T

    meow, wah u went disappeared so long arr?? ya, let me know after you've try it out ;)

    Irene, yes! its fun too!

    ivy, yalo. but once a while should be ok kua? ;))


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