Monday, July 13, 2009

Pan pancakes

It was a lazy Sunday. EK was as usual, chasing after his korean drama. so i went back home and did something meaningful.

Simple pancake
corn oil
honey (1/2 cup)
skimmed milk (1/2 cup)
whole fat milk (1/2 cup)
self raising flour (1 cup)
eggs (2)
yogurt (2 cups)
kiwi, mango, strawberry, blueberry or other fruits you prefer

1. Sift flour. Beat eggs and pour in milk and honey. Pour the egg mixure into flour and mix well.
2. Heat oil. Put 1 tbsp of mixture into pan and fry until it turns golden. Top with yogurt and arrange fruits.

i copied this recipe from the book Yvonne bought last week. very easy isnt it?

haiz. i think i'm a bad cooker. but everything has its first i think i just need more patience and practices.

a closer look to my roti canai

i put some strawberry-flavored yogurt and topped with kiwi and mango..
anyway, overall i think the pancakes tasted ok. just needed more flavor.


  1. wow~I like eat pancake leh, but i duno to do...sigh!!!but seem like ur 1st time quite ok ahhh...look yummy too!!!Gampateh~

  2. evelyn, thank u!!
    u like pancakes also ar?? hehe, next time i make some for you try ;)

  3. Gambateh, girl. It is your first attempt, not bad already. Thumbs up!

  4. Good move! It was tasty (and am I greedy to expect more from you next time?).

  5. yvonne, haha havent thank u for the recipe book ;)
    sure! expectation leads to more improvement i guess? ^__^

  6. pan cakes is my favorite ....
    i love it so so much....
    when got chance treat me ler?

  7. wow! U really love cooking...married gal is different one...LOL....cute

  8. sherley, hmm.. next time when u back tpg let me know lo.. i can make again ;)
    ivy, haha. my hubby's afraid he'll pengsan due to hungriness if i dont learn to cook in the future :S
    so, i need to brush up my cooking skills..

  9. Very easy to make, but even easier to eat. :)

  10. irene, yeah.. u can try to do for your family..


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